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Open Source

Paul Krill's recent interview on InfoWorld with Ian Murdock, creator of Debian Linux and now Sun's VP of developer and community marketing, sheds light on many frequently discussed aspects of open source as they relate to Sun. The question of how to make money from open source remains a key one. Here's part of Ian's response: "[T]here are ample opportunities to make money because even though...
on May 13, 2008
I much enjoyed attending the session "Future Challenges for Open Source and Java Technology" yesterday on Day Two of JavaOne. Here's a summary of the session.
on May 8, 2008
A recent blog on CNET, Open-Source Software As Guerrilla Marketing Strategy, contains insightful quotes about the advantages of open source. Notable is the expanded horizon of contributors, some of whom end up being hired by the companies that make their software open source. In my recent conversations with champions and overseers of open-source projects at Sun, I heard about that trend, too,...
on Apr 2, 2008
Recently, Sun signed a three-year agreement with the People's Republic of China to promote OpenSPARC technology at top Chinese universities. That exciting news prompted me to seek out Sun principal engineer Dave Weaver, a colleague-cum-friend who deserves to be called Mr. SPARC, given his intimate knowledge and long involvement with that technology. We chatted about its past, present, and future...
on Mar 6, 2008
A recent JDJ article, Jonathan Schwartz: "Web Developers Never Had It So Good", quotes the Sun CEO extensively about open source and about the background for Sun's recent acquisition of MySQL. Quite a few illuminating tidbits! "Crippling products or sneaky licensing exceptions don't work—freedom does," says Jonathan. On that belief, Sun has been embracing the open-source model for many of...
on Mar 5, 2008
Watch this CNET TV video on the best downloads of 2007. Hearteningly, OpenOffice tops them all: Open-source, free, and compatible with Microsoft Office formats, OpenOffice offers word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and database capabilities.The top five winners are— OpenOffice Audacity Miro Pidgin CrossLoop
on Feb 26, 2008
OpenDS is the open-source project for Sun's next-generation directory service. A recent article describes how to build, debug, and run OpenDS in the NetBeans IDE. Only a few steps are involved. Good tip!
on Feb 21, 2008
A 10-minute Webcast by Dan Roberts and Larry Wake, both of Solaris Marketing at Sun, describes the differences between the Solaris 10 OS and Solaris Express Developer Edition (SXDE). In addition, Dan and Larry introduce Project Indiana, the OpenSolaris distribution, which, in replacing SXDE, will deliver the unique capabilities of Solaris 10 OS with new packaging and other features. The Webcast...
on Feb 4, 2008
Sun distinguished engineer Glenn Brunette recently blogged about the top five security capabilities in the Solaris 10 OS: auditing, privileges, role-based access control, zones, and network security by default. Truly impressive! No wonder the big following that OpenSolaris has been attracting (over 80,000 people registered as of November 2007), as discussed in a Q&A with community manager...
on Jan 22, 2008
In a recent posting, Bryan Cantrill, coinventor of DTrace, the award-winning dynamic tracing capability in the Solaris 10 OS, alerted everyone of dtrace.conf(08). That's "the first-ever DTrace (un)conference," which will be held in downtown San Francisco on Friday, March 14. Do attend to share ideas, learn the latest developments, and hobnob with the DTrace community. To read the details and...
on Jan 16, 2008
I enjoyed reading the recent Sun postings on FOSS.IN/2007 (December 4-8 in Bangalore), called India's premier FOSS event. Here are a few, some with photos: OpenPortal: Introduction, first-day coverage, and BoF sessions OpenSolaris: User Group meeting Speaking of OpenSolaris, I read in a recent Q&A with community manager Jim Grisanzio that a total of 80,000 people have registered on the site...
on Dec 6, 2007
John Soat in his recent blog on InformationWeek has penned a captivating synopsis of Sun chairman Scott McNealy's recent presentation on open source at the NICSA Technology Summit 2007. In his pitch, Scott explained the advantages of open-source technology in terms of barriers to entry and exit, interoperability, R&D cost, and security.I found it hilarious that Scott repeatedly asked during...
on Oct 30, 2007
Five panelists at Sun have produced a net talk, OpenSPARC: Developer Opportunities With the World's First Open-Source CPU. Tune in to find out how the community can benefit from the design code for Sun's UltraSPARC T1 processor.
on Jan 29, 2007
The Ask the Experts session on the Open-Source Java project, sponsored by, is set for January 16-19. Ken Drachnik, Vivek Mody, and Rich Sands will stand ready to respond to your questions online.Before posting, take a look at the FAQ on the topic. You might find the answer to your question there already.
on Jan 10, 2007
In a recent eWeek article, In Sun Gilds Solaris Lily, Jason Brooks says the Zettabyte File System (ZFS), debuted in Solaris 10 6/06, is well worth checking out. ZFS manages storage on the Solaris OS like memory, making the task of adding RAM chips to systems a cakewalk.The article also lauds the built-in virtualization capability, called Containers, in the Solaris 10 OS. You can now create...
on Nov 16, 2006
Interested in portals and portlets? Be sure to read this brand new article on Sun Developer Network: Open-Source Portal Initiative at Sun, Part 2: Portlet Repository. Among the coauthors are three Sun portal gurus who are key contributors to the initiative.Of note is the conclusion: The Portlet Repository contributors are committed to a free and open exchange with other portlet sites. No doubt...
on Oct 25, 2006
A new article on Sun Developer Network highlights Sun's open-source portal initiative, which was announced at JavaOne 2006 in May. Read about the objectives, scope, and efforts there. More importantly, visit the project sites and sign up to participate!Other parts in this series with more details will follow in the coming months. I'll spotlight them as they are published.
on Oct 19, 2006
A short article, Sun Reports OpenSPARC Progress, reports on the latest of the project. Heartening to see! Recently formed is the OpenSPARC Community Advisory Board (CAB). One of the memebers, Dave Weaver, is a long-time colleague and friend, whom I used to call Mr. SPARC. Wonderful to see his name in print.Here are two more articles on the subject with more insight: Sun Creates Independent...
on Oct 13, 2006
In a recent Q&A with ComputerWorld, Simon Phipps, chief open-source officer at Sun, discussed Sun's strategy and schedule for open-sourcing its software. Besides the Java programming language, open source of Sun's middleware is in the works, including a portal server, an identity server, and a Web server. The bottom line, according to Phipps: "[W]hen we create volume, we'll create revenue."...
on Jul 21, 2006
Ever since Sun announced at JavaOne its plan to open-source the Java programming language, a lot has been written about the background, the schedule, and the logistics. In a recent interview with CNET Rich Green, EVP of software at Sun, discussed the "different company" Sun is compared to two years ago, the road to profitability with open source, the timing for open-sourcing Java code, and his...
on Jul 12, 2006