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Open Source

Zemberek is one of the very interesting projects oriented around the Turkish language and subjects like Natural Language Processing and even spell checking for Turkish. This open source project is something we really like seeing here within the Global Education and Learning Community (GELC) because of its international base. I talked to the owners about themselves and their project. Tell us...
on Mar 6, 2005
Liber is a research laboratory at Pernambuco's Federal University developing projects focusing on Electronic Document Management Systems, Human-Machine Interface, Information Retrieval, and Data Integration. Liber has four major projects: Macunayna: a multimidia EDMS, The Pernambuco's Annals: a textual database created using PostgreSQL and Jakarta Lucene; Theses: compilations from theses and...
on Mar 6, 2005
One of the nuisance tasks at Java.Net is managing user membership requests. We can reduce our burden with a little information both for these requesters and ourselves. Almost every day I get a message from someone that wants the developer role on one of my projects. Most of the time I do not know the person and they usually don't know anything about my project than what they see on its front...
on Feb 22, 2005
How do you manage an open source project? Part of the problems is that most owners of projects fear uncontrolled change. The second problem is really that no one wants to change code because they are afraid of breaking an unwritten rule. The key is as simple as writing downs a few rules that both make project owners feel safe to open up their software and second for contributors to feel that...
on Feb 22, 2005
Chinook - I love it when a good P2P project using JXTA comes my way. This time it is Bioinformatics and JXTA. Project Chinook has just graduated from the incubator at Global Education and Learning Community (GELC) of The project's new home is the GELC research area. Let's take a look at it and talk to the project owner to learn more about what this...
on Jan 18, 2005
The Global Education and Learning Community welcomes its first projects of 2005. This month we have an automata tester (from a Chinese developer), an eLearning platform based on SCORM, a MIDP RSS client, a virtual console for teaching Java to teenage students (from Mexico), a federated exchange of digital content and rights management, and a set of tools for teaching Algebra in High Schools with...
on Jan 10, 2005
The projects just keep on coming in the Java Education & Learning community (JELC). Here is this week's crop. didactor Summary-Open source E-learning platform Owner(s)-mediator Description- Didactor is based on didactic principles, rather than on technical or administrative principles (as most of the existing E-learning software is). The Mediator Group, the principal architect, aims for...
on Aug 18, 2004