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Open Source

I want to show you how you can block IPs in your Grizzly server. I pretty sure that you can find lot of reasons why you would want that. I'll use a list from as input for my demo. What you have to do to close the connection from client that isn't wanted is pretty simple. [prettify]
    Controller controller = new Controller();
on Jan 22, 2009
With Grizzly it can be simple to create a server and client with a few lines changes. I want to show you how you can create or convert a server to a client without to much troubles. I will use ProtocolChain in the server. For the client there are two ways to create it using the logic of the server. You can use the ProtocolChain or use a CallbackHandler. I'll show you how to create the...
on Dec 29, 2008
It's now possible to be notify when a client disconnect for a server build on Grizzly 1.9+. here a little snippets that will allow you that.  Thanks to the new ConnectionCloseHandler. public void init(){                int port = 5000;                try {  ...
on Nov 25, 2008
Suppose that you are dealing with sql query that you send to a database.  Some query could take few seconds to run, that will block a Thread.  Even if you have few Threads in your pool, they could all be stuck there too.  To avoid that you can use the Producer/Consumer pattern. Take a look at this snippets. .... // default Pipeline settingsPipeline pipeline = new DefaultPipeline();...
on Nov 21, 2008
I created a new logging formatter for Grizzly, because when we were debugging a test we weren't able to trace in the log the event because the default formatter in java.util.logging doesn't print the Thread that log the event. (ouff.. that a long line) The new formatter is : com.sun.grizzly.util.LoggingFormatter It's based on java.util.logging.SimpleFormatter. It's really simple to change the...
on Nov 3, 2008