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Open Source

Happy new year 2011.   It has been a while since a blog in this forum.  I worked on other technologies that are not related to Java, so I didn't post into this site.  For now, I think, I'll post any new articles that can be related to programmation, mostly java.  What do you think ?   I want to talk about Hosting your git repositories.  I know, that there are few...
on Jan 4, 2011
Does anyone one have an answer for this problem ? I'm trying to clone a repository from my computer to my computer.  I,m using cygwin 1.7.   I,m able to clone all my others projects without problems.  This project is 900k.. and the others are better than that.   I have no idea what going on.  I deleted the project and repush it.. always the same problems.   $...
on Sep 27, 2010
If you have problems installing Gitosis on Windows, I suggest that you read that guide : : Git Repository Server Gitosis on Win7 (100% working), maybe you will be able to find what you missed. In this guide, I'll describe raw problems that I found with the solution. Before I came with this guide, I try to install Gitosis on 3 computers and 4 Virtualbox installation by follow tutorial that I...
on Sep 6, 2010
If you are here, it's because you're lost or you have problems installing a git repository server on Windows. I really hope it's for the second reason :) . I choose the wrote this blog even if I know there are a lot of blogs about this subject, because none of them worked for me. Before I came with this guide, I try to install Gitosis on 3 computers and 4 Virtualbox installation by follow...
on Sep 6, 2010
I want to let you know that since the release of Caucho Resin 4.0, Atmosphere applications can be deploy on Resin and will be supported natively. Resin 4.0 implements Servlet 3.0. That's really good. Another web server that is supported. What about the Websocket's Caucho implementation... nah ! There implementation is too buggy right now. I suppose the code it using a early release of the...
on Aug 10, 2010
Just a little note that we try to add Websphere native support for Atmosphere. We work really hard to find an API that could allow us to do that, but is simply impossible. We were able to get in touch with the dev team of Websphere and the dev team of WebSphere Application Server Feature Pack for Web 2.0. They have demo that used bayeux for comet application or JMS to simulate asynchronous...
on Aug 9, 2010
Just to let you know that Grizzly Deployer was adopted (almost) by another framework : Akka. Since May 22, 2010, viktorklang is working in a branch : deployer. here the description in the commit "Starting to add Deployer [viktorklang]" You can browse the code on github : I hope to see that included in a next release. You can follow me on...
on Aug 8, 2010
Just to let you know that Grizzly Deployer was adopted by another framework : Atmosphere. Since Atmosphere-0.6, Grizzly Deployer is in the module : spade-server To launch Atmosphere application you could use Grizzly Deployer or use Atmosphere-Spade-Server (that used Grizzly Deployer under the hood). You can browse the changes on github :
on Aug 8, 2010
It has been a while since a blog about Grizzly, I was too busy adding new features. The Grizzly Deployer's community grows and requested theses new features. Here a quick list of the changes : Websockets support Watch folder Can starts without applications to deploy Can be embedded and extended easily and few bug fixes (thanks to the community) A little overview or remainder of what is...
on Aug 7, 2010
It has been a while since my last post, but I'm back :) I worked hard on new features that will bring GWS Deployer to another level. You can check the features that were there before 1.9.17 in my previous post here It will be easier to list the new features by looking at the command line parameters. [prettify]
Usage: com.sun.grizzly.http.servlet.deployer.GrizzlyWebServerDeployer&#10...
on Aug 7, 2009
I did some enhancements to DisplayTag. You can start by reading my previous post on DisplayTag. There were some features that I needed and Displaytag didn't have them. I took the source code and I did it. The enchancements are not in Displaytag trunk, you will have to take my build or add it your self to the trunk. I didn't see recent activities on DisplayTag, but I would like to see them...
on May 4, 2009
The little baby : Grizzly http-deployer just moved from contrib to modules since release 1.9.11. Grizzly Http-Deployer evolve since my previous post New Grizzly enhancement : Servlet AutoDeployer. There are few new options. Let's describe the new command line params. Support multiple paths for application deployment -a warfile1;warfile2 or --application=warfile1;warfile2 ";" is File....
on Apr 8, 2009
I created a little demo to show how easy it can be to create a kit of classes from DTD and XSD using Maven and JAXB. To generate from XSD schemas In your pom.xml, you will have to add this. [prettify]
on Mar 22, 2009
This time I will show you how to run PHP applications on GrizzlyWebServer using 100% pure java solutions. I used Caucho Quercus to handle the PHP and GrizzlyWebServer as my WebServer. The first implementation that I did was really simple. I used the demo that I did for JSPOnGrizzly and replace the servlet by Quercus. You can see what the code looks like : [prettify]
public void launch...
on Feb 3, 2009
We had a lot of people asking how to put JSP over Grizzly, but we didn't have an implementation or a working sample to show them. It couldn't stay like that forever ... so I took a little of my spare time and I got something for you :) I'll show you how to compile your JSP with Jasper and use them with GrizzlyWebServer. I use Jasper that came with Tomcat 6. You will have to include some...
on Jan 29, 2009


CONTEXT I want to share a problem that we had in our project. We were doing a real-time "Profits and Loss" server (P&L). The server sends stock updates to all the users subscribed to the stocks, basically as Google Finance or Yahoo Finance. SIMPLE IMPLEMENTATION I will used a basic approach (no aggregation and no optimization) to explain the problem that we had with Serialization and...
on Aug 6, 2010


We can't live without Javadoc, but even if it useful, it's not complete. One missing thing is UML within the Javadoc. To add UML to your Javadoc, is quite simple. You need to add Graphviz into your maven build. First you need to download and install Graphviz. Go there Graphviz After that you should add the variable GRAPHVIZ_HOME (that point to the installation folder) into your system. The...
on Dec 26, 2009


I would like to show you how you could extend your javadoc to include samples directly into the javadoc without extra work. What I don't like about javadoc is the lack of code sample. Something is can be hard to find the starting point of a new framework. Let's show a example, it will be easier to understand, and so simple. [prettify]
 * This in a javadoc with...
on Nov 8, 2009
In a previous post : PART2 I describe how to run JSP over Grizzly. Now I'll show you how to run PHP over Grizzly. here a sample web.xml file for PHP support. (I'm using Quercus, but you could use native PHP too). [prettify]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE web-app
on Sep 11, 2009
Grizzly Deployer got lot of activity recently over mailing list, so I took the time to give you a new feature that been added to the release 1.9.17. The Autodeploy command. You should see that option like a default web.xml config that will be append to all your webapps that you will deploy. You can activate this feature by adding this param to the command line : java -jar grizzly-http-...
on Sep 10, 2009