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Open Source

Ladies and Gentlemen. 1.0 Final is out.
on Jan 6, 2006
Apache's Harmony project shows signs of life after the initial frenzy of its proposal with a wiki. (found via JARBUCKS, BTW!)
on May 18, 2005
I found it very telling that at OSCON, during the Open Source Java session, that Tim O'Reilly was so surprised during the JavaOne session that the developers there did not support an open source'd Java. That stuck with me throughout the week. How could the voice of sooo many people go unheard? They obviously do not have a voice, but how could that be.? If the Apache Software Foundation, and...
on Aug 2, 2004
What I thought was going to be one of the more lively debates/sessions here at OSCON was a moderated session with Tim O'Reilly, Eric Raymond, Simon Phipps, Bruno "biggest JUG" Pres, from Brazil, and as it turned out Brian Behlendorf. Tim O'Reilly played the voice of reason asking each participant for their views, and really, Brian's was the one that, while we've heard it before, showed the...
on Jul 28, 2004
I just finished adding the Eclipse Public License to Wanna take a look?
on Jun 2, 2004
The Eclipse open source group has named its first new Director. Former Oracle VP Mike Milinkovich.
on May 28, 2004
No would believe me if I posted this tomorrow (April 1st). I'm still not sure I believe it: Sun hasn't closed the door on open sourcing Java.
on Mar 31, 2004
Red Hat Inc is in discussions with Sun Microsystems Inc about launching an open source version of Sun's Java environment, according to Red Hat chairman and CEO Matthew Szulik. The Raleigh, North Carolina-based Linux distributor is also lining up a slew of product launches including its new Red Hat Linux Desktop operating system and new versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the Red Hat...
on Jun 23, 2003