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Open Source

One of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) email lists is reviewing relationship between OS and IP. Again. I am a big fan of matching license to community. While I recognise that open source and intellectual property can be considered as opposites - I find myself lumping them both together. Rather then recycling this viewpoint, here is a note to self (allowing me to supply a link): Note...
on May 25, 2012
Someone pointed me at an interesting new project .... actually an interesting old project in new cloths. The Spatiotemporal Epidemiological Modeler is a little component for the eclipse Open Healthcare Framework. And it includes one feature (out of many) of interest to this discussion: A GIS. Perfect! This is exactly what I want to see happen; GIS as a widget that can be rolled into your...
on Jun 13, 2007
What a silly situation performance (and benchmarks are) have put us in. As developers we really want to know how well things will perform - even if it is just so we can figure out how much hardware we will need at the end of the day. I first ran into this problem with PostGIS (a set of spatial extensions for the PostgreSQL database). The oracle spatial license does not let you run benchmarks and...
on Jun 12, 2007
The code knows ... how to handle Query One of the questions that came up in yesterdays debug hunt was this ... "what to do when the query does not match the data". Lets see what the code has to say. We have a couple of options on the table, and actually all of them are implemented! While this is horrible for client code (they cannot know what to expect) it is great for us since we will...
on Feb 21, 2007
The code always knows Abstract: For the last couple of months the GeoTools community has been creeping  around a problem ... one of quality. I am going to wade in and do something about it; a code reivew. The catch? It is probably going to be my own code. The problem? We have some plugin implementations that do not follow a coding contact. Normally this is not such a big deal (...
on Feb 20, 2007
FOSS4G Day Four GeoNetwork Presentation I was able to attend this one, but only caught snatches of material as I reviewed my presentations for the day. Nice to see some new catalog profiles supported, I would really like to work against a public catalog that actually mattered to people. I am looking forward to seeing GeoNetwork step up to OSGeo involvement - it is one aspect of the...
on Sep 14, 2006
GeoServer Transaction What makes GeoServer Special Recently there has been a lot of press about MapServer, everything from MapServer Junior to the formation of a Foundation. Welcome to the other team, the Java team, and here is what GeoServer does so well - WFS-T. For those new to the Open Geospatial Consortium standards scene there are a couple of levels of "compiliancy". WFS...
on Jan 9, 2006
Happy New Year! This has been an amazing time for the open source Java community, and I thank all of you for making the last year an amazing experience. I have never traveled so much, or met so many amazing people. I wish all of you the best in the new year!
on Jan 1, 2006
Open source projects live or die by contributions. There is the occasional project like Open Office that can get by based on financial backing, but most of us have to suffer on collaboration and communication. What makes a Successful Open Source Project Most Open Source projects simply have to follow a basic formula: Do something worthwhile Accept contributions Making contributions easy Now...
on Jul 31, 2005