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Open Source

Tuesday, 6th of December 2005 I had the chance to attend Carlos Sanchez's presentation about Maven 2 at the LA JUG in El Segundo. I already played around with Maven 2 and therefore had a list of questions I tried to get answered. Especially I wanted to see if my concerns I expressed earlier in a blog where valid or not. Today I came to the conclusion that Maven 2 has some good ideas but...
on Dec 7, 2005
I respectfully disagree with Jacob's view to the JBoss licensing issue. When I and even more true for Rickard started to contribute JBoss had a GPL license. Then Marc asked us if we agree to change it to LGPL but did not mention that he was going to register JBoss as a trademark. Therefore we were not aware of the issues that did arise now. The JBoss Inc. already used legal threads to stop...
on Oct 12, 2005
What a disappointment! After feeling betrayed by the JBoss Inc. with the trademark lawsuits now also Linus Torwald seems to do the same thing with Linux. Yesterday I was attending a presentation about Java 6 (Mustang) and some of the discussions turned around Sun and open-source. Finally, I guess, I have to admit that maybe Sun is more trustworthy company with respect to open-source than some of...
on Oct 11, 2005
Rickard Oeberg's (co-founder of JBoss) blog points to the JBoss Issue Blog where he and Matthias Bohnen discusses issues related to JBoss. So far Marc Fleury and the rest of the JBoss Inc. could hide their business agenda behind the JBoss open-source project but finally they feel that they can afford to let the business take over because they are now so successful. On the other hand it finally...
on Oct 7, 2005
Today I just stumbled over the press release of JBoss announcing a partnership of some sort even though it is not clear to me what this means. This release does not surprise me from a business view but I am surprised from my past experiences working on JBoss. I can remember the first JBossOne in 2002 when one presentation showed the "screaming monkey" making fun of Steve Balmer. On...
on Sep 27, 2005
In case you listened to Steve Job's Keynote presentation at the WWDC you probably noticed that he spoke about potcasting and that it is a hot thing. Now when Apple is jumping on the podcast bandwagon and probably Microsoft is doing it quite soon then it must be a cool thing, don't you think. Apple's plans are to include a podcasting aggregator into iTunes that is linked with their music store...
on Jun 8, 2005
I am delighted to announce that several months of hard work finally paid off and we could release jPodder 0.9 last Sunday. If you like podcasting or where wondering what it is or where not quite happy with your current Podcast receiver then you should read on. Podcasting is same as Blogging except that it handles media files instead of text. It enables us to become our own Radio Station but...
on May 24, 2005
Lately I was made to look into Maven 2 and started wondering why so many complete rewrites of popular open-source projects never make it. In my view it comes down to the resistance of people to changes which has nothing to do with software development at all. In case you do not believe me try to explain why most PC users still are using Windows with all its problems instead of switching to Linux...
on Dec 9, 2004
Correction: At the bottom of my weblog I complained that I cannot redistribute JAXB with my project forcing others to download and install JWSP. Ryan Shoemaker from JavaSoft told me that this is not correct and an updated FAQ entry about this is made available. I am glad to hear this and hope that JAXB can be found on the Maven repository soon. I hope that this confusion helped to clarify this...
on Jun 15, 2004