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Open Source

Recently there has been a renewed interest into the Actor programming model. The Actor Model actually comes from the '70s, but as far as I'm aware it has been used only in a very limited subset of industrial projects outside the area of telecoms. Erlang (not by chance developed at Ericsson, a telecom industry), which is a language whose concurrency model is actor oriented, is getting some...
on Jan 4, 2012
I've just left a meeting where the PM congratulated the team because the customer accepted a product release that was made with three weeks in advance of the original plan. First, thank to the developers' team. Second, thank to the good development process (people and process are always the important things, more than technology). Third, thank to libraries and software factory, including...
on Oct 28, 2011
The news is circulating since a few days, but I was suprised to not see discussions about it but in a few forums. It should reveal the real Microsoft's attitude towards open source (think of .NET, Mono, SilverLight etc...) - no criticism here, I believe in freedom, including the right of corporates to pursue their own strategies. But when we, weaker or stronger opensource advocates, criticize...
on May 18, 2007