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Once in a while I work in a Java project where I need to run a simple Ant task many times in a short period of time. Like web projects where the JSP files are located in a directory under source control and are deployed in another directory by an Ant task. If I change a JSP file, I need to run Ant again, and it takes an eternity (about 5-6 seconds), due to the overhead of running the JVM,...
on Sep 2, 2003
So, I've done the nice Java thing and deployed my applications as executable jars, with properly formatted manifests, and, um... well, I'm feeling a little underwhelmed. Let's face it, those don't look like applications. Nothing about them stands out in a folder and says hey, double-click me! Oh sure, I could use an application to create an "installer" for my application. That would wrap my...
on Aug 18, 2003
The Java VM installation and application launching has some serious problems. Its too hard to launch Java applications and make it seem as seamless as a native application (unless your on OSX). Sun is clearly trying to fix it with the creation of JavaWebStart and the new Java auto-update functionality. But Sun is really just putting band-aids on the problem. This really struck me as I watched a...
on Jul 17, 2003
OK. So how does canoo work? Basically, you write to this proprietary component set. Its very similar to Swing. Then you deploy the whole app to a sever. To run it, they have a generic Java client that runs your application. At the booth, they were running through web start. On to the beef! Canoo says that the main benefit is that the client to server communcation is simple because all...
on Jun 10, 2003