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Yes, I have to admit I do not use patterns and I hardly know any of them. Seven years ago I bought the book "Patterns in Java" and looked at it only to find out that most of them I already knew and had already applied. So this book went to the shelf to remain there until, I think, it was recycled. So far I never needed patterns to do my job and for most part there are no patterns that deal with...
on Sep 9, 2005
I was just recently faced with taunting task to revamping the transaction handling of the J2EE server without breaking it but improving performance and removing any resource leaks. Already two developers tried to do this but had problems to understand the existing code in the first place and so I failed, too. If we could not improve the code we had to dump the implementation and start all over...
on Oct 10, 2003
A colleague of mine just pointed out that in Richard Monson-Heafel
on Oct 2, 2003
Finally I found time for a technical log here at This time I want to discuss a shortcoming of the EJB specification and how they can be fixed to make the life of EJB developers and application server administrators easier and the deployed applications more robust. Originally the EJB specification assumed that the applications are deployed at startup of the application server and the...
on Sep 30, 2003