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A couple of incidents have happened to me in the last few days which highlight Java's desperate plight on the desktop. The first involved a currently existing Java desktop application, a project originally developed at another university which somehow seems to have landed on my desk. The client brought the project to us, requesting a ground up re-write. The reason was made abundantly clear in...
on Nov 8, 2006
There was an interesting exchange on the recent Java Posse pod cast about the Java Kernel project, and how important size is to the JRE download. (Hmm, that's the second JP plug in as many months -- I wonder if I qualify for a Posse t-shirt or something? :) They referenced Robert Cooper's thought provoking blog which compares download sizes for various products, thus: JRE 1.5.0 Windows offline...
on Sep 15, 2006
Thanks to JavaDB there's been a lot of noise recently about Java SE (is that what we're supposed to call it this week? :) and end user experience. Specifically, the time it takes to download the JRE onto a desktop computer, versus so-called rival technologies such as Flash. At the heart of this debate is a classic catch twenty-two conundrum: the more feature-rich SE becomes, the bigger it gets...
on Aug 8, 2006