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Microsoft's campaign to take over the world is bringing it into conflict with a few people. I have already amply talked about Microsoft's battles with the Java camp (which are still just in the warm-up stages). That battle brings the software titan into conflict with IBM, Sun, BEA, Oracle, and host of others. Battles in the database arena redouble that conflict with IBM, Oracle,and others....
on Dec 10, 2003
Earlier this week, I blogged about Microsoft phasing out products which depend on Java. Well, the agile marketing arm of Microsoft has flexed its muscles again with... Microsoft Clarifies Intentions to Retire JVM-Based Products. Basically, all they have done is pushed the drop dead date back one measely week and are more precise about which products are getting whacked. Yawn.
on Dec 10, 2003
Now, before I go on, I want to address a very strong prejudice that I've noticed in my dealings with Open Source developers. It's the old familiar sentiment that if it isn't built in Java, it ain't worth using. That might be true for a lot of people, and I have a lot of respect for that sentiment--it's an important one for our community. We're doing more than writing software in a certain...
on Dec 10, 2003
There's a big thread over on /. about the "Java Desktop System". Note clearly that the thread contains the typically low signal-to-noise ratio that /. is so famous for. You have been warned! :-)
on Dec 9, 2003
The Poetry of Programming is an interview with coding poet (or "poetic coder"?) Richard Gabriel. Check it out.
on Dec 9, 2003
Is the cold war between Sun and IBM over Java heating up? I often rant about the epic battle that is brewing between Java and .NET. But there is another battle, not necessarily less significant, that has long been brewing within the Java camp. It is a battle between Sun and IBM over the control of Java. Although the two have long been fierce competitors in the area of systems, the struggle...
on Dec 8, 2003
Microsoft is citing the settlement over Java with Sun as the reason that Microsoft is pulling the plug on a number of versions of various products. Here's an article from Eweek that goes into more depth on this. I particularly like this bit of spin from Microsoft: "We will not ship products that include a piece of software we can not provide security fixes for, thus we are phasing out some...
on Dec 8, 2003
Dan Steinberg mentions: Vincent's post about the dependence of Sun tools on NetBeans seems to imply why Sun is not prepared to fold or merge NetBeans into Eclipse. when talking about Vincent Brabant's blog entry about "Project Rave" and my blog entry about NetBeans staying separate from Eclipse. Indeed, Sun's own Rich Green has talked about Sun's concerns of that they not "abandon the...
on Dec 5, 2003
It seems that Sun has chosen to discontinue discussions about coalescing NetBeans with Eclipse. From the perspective of Java developers, does this really make any difference? The competition seems to be helping make both platforms improve faster than they otherwise might. However, from the perspective of trying to grow the Java developer market, especially w.r.t. the Microsoft juggernaut, the...
on Dec 4, 2003
The mornings trawl through my news items I discover this little gem from WIRED, regarding a quote from Dick Brass, VP of the automotive business unit at Microsoft.  They want a Microsoft OS in every car on Earth!  WOW, now that sort of ambition even outstrips the number of desktop PCs.  Looking at Microsofts site we can see they are talking up the use of .net...
on Dec 1, 2003
"Grid computing" - though it was quite an unknown concept till a few years ago, now everyone is talking about it. Some are saying it is everything we were missing, the next big thing. Others, as some bloggers, are simply skeptical and uncertain about its practical use. But the fact is many huge companies, such as Oracle and IBM, are investing a lot of money on that - and that's a good...
on Nov 26, 2003
Hmm... Opening up the Chinese market (that won't pay the ridiculous licensing fees anyway) through the hearts and minds of the developers and hoping that will convince them to buy (expensive) Sun hardware? I'm not so sure about that. Will they buy Sun's services? Perhaps but I'm not going to hold my breath. In terms of the perennial Sun boogeyman that is Microsoft, going with a viral license...
on Nov 24, 2003
First off, let me question the fact that nowhere is it listed in the article that we can't actually get a copy of the survey and survey results without signing up for one of Wiley Technologies seminars (i.e., sales pitches). Tsk, tsk, tsk. Now, without a much better idea of the actual contents of the survey it's ridiculous to rely on any of the so-called results of the survey. Let's just say...
on Nov 24, 2003
There are a number of proposed changes to the various Apache softwware license agreements. There's a mailing list on which to discuss these issues (along with the obligatory list archives. Given how many projects and companies use Apache licensed software, I think it would be A Really Good Idea(tm) for as many people as possible to seriously check out the proposed changes and participate in...
on Nov 24, 2003
Noel, Thanks for your concern about this. I license software under the AFL so I can avoid legal entanglements relating to collective ownership of my property and conflicts of control over that property which derive from collective ownership, and also to grant greater rewards and incentives to future developers and users. Future versions of the ASL might correct this problem and give me...
on Nov 22, 2003
Several readers wrote me about the Seattle Sun Tech Days presentations, so I thought I'd post info on updated slides from subsequent events. We've conducted two Tech Days since Seattle (click the city names for slides): Sao Paulo, a two day conference with updates to the majority of the Seattle presentations Prague, a one day conference with the "best of" updated from Seattle and Sao Paulo...
on Nov 21, 2003
Last night at an ApacheCon BOF (Birds-of-a-feather) meeting Apache and ObjectWeb agreed to collaborate on development of certain J2EE technologies. I participated in the meeting. ObjectWeb, if you haven't heard of it, is an organization similar in purpose to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF). They have a fairly large offering of their own, but until recently they have predominantly used a...
on Nov 18, 2003
Today a subset of the Apache Geronimo committers (developers) gave a presentation on the "State of Geronimo" at ApacheCon. The most important announcement, from my point of view, is that Sun has approved Apache Geronimo's license for the TCK. What does that mean? Well, it means that Geronimo, when it's ready, can be tested against Sun's Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK). An application...
on Nov 17, 2003
If you've been in the book writing game more than a week, then you are probably aware that some authors post fake reviews to their books and their competitors books. Its an ugly truth that is rarely spoken about. When a book is sold on anyone can post a review about it whether they read it or not. All you need to do is create an account on Yahoo or HotMail and then create a new...
on Nov 16, 2003
Microsoft is leading a charge back to the desktop. Will the world follow? Microsoft is placing its bets that fat clients represent the future of software, not browser-based thin clients. In fact, they are phasing out development of a stand-alone Web browser. Longhorn will have HTML viewing/browsing capability built right into the OS, and there will no longer be an Internet Explorer. I
on Nov 11, 2003