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Before I get much further in my Blog, I just want to make one thing perfectly clear: I love servers. Or more accurately, I love having my applications and data on servers, and then I like to just forget about those servers. I want them to be someone else
on Jul 30, 2003
I hear that Macromedia Flash is going to alleviate the burden of having programmers. I
on Jul 29, 2003
After the debacle around the infamous ServerSide report, you could be forgiven for treating all benchmarks and performance comparisons with a pinch of a salt. All the vendors cited in that exercise were very quick to distant themselves from the whole escapade and tout they would only be interested in official benchmarks. One such body that does attempt to define a standard is the Standard...
on Jul 29, 2003
Open-Source is something that is never far from the headlines. It is something that I have been giving a lot of thought to as of late. I haven't resolved my views on the whole movement yet and at the moment, I am purely in a data-collection phase. The one thing that I have been trying to resolve is the whole notion of food-on-the-table, and who actually puts it there. We all have to eat and...
on Jul 28, 2003
I love looking through case studies. They can teach you so much about what to do, what not to do, what is in vogue, etc. All those useful design patterns came from analyzing lots of case studies and seeing what worked; and sometimes, more importantly, what didn't work. So this year I decided to start listing case studies when I find them. And a great place to start is JavaOne, where lots of the...
on Jul 24, 2003
ebXML by Tom Clements EDI came first, the game deluxePlayed by major corporationsWith big bucksNext web services brought hopeReduced the ante, amplified the scopeOf doing business on the NetAnd yet One thing was lackingBusiness process definitions, asset trackingA global way for anyone to buy and sell --Transnational transactions:ebXML You can submit your technology poems by emailing them to...
on Jul 21, 2003
I wager I can walk into any Fortune 500 Company, pull a module of code, and discover that there is no corresponding unit test. Furthermore, the module most likely will not follow the company
on Jul 6, 2003
I've been re-reading Tim's thoughts on Mac OS X switchers and OS X and the Next Big Thing of late. You see, my current personal laptop is starting to show its age, and I'm considering alternatives. I've always said I wouldn't consider any system that didn't give me a command line, and now Apple's removed that hurdle. I've always said I had to have Unix tools, and OS X has that in spades. I'...
on Jul 2, 2003
The first time I saw a Palm V, I thought "I want one". The very next thing I thought was "I want one I can program in Java". Several years worth of developments later, I'm finally going to be able to properly bridge the gap between the two. While we've been able to build and deploy Java applications for Palm OS since the early KVM days, the J2ME runtime itself has always been a separate...
on Jul 1, 2003
Check out my article looking back on the weird and wondrous happenings at this year's JavaOne show.
on Jul 1, 2003
Dan Steinberg put together this discussion between a number of the folks on the new Java Research License.
on Jun 25, 2003
Danese Cooper wrote about the pros and cons of sitting in the front row as a Sun employee. Let me be so bold as to recommend to Sun, Key3Media, and all of the other folks who put on developer conferences to try two experiments... First, just get up and wander around a bit and then sit down somewhere much farther back in the audience. Be Brazilian (as John Gage would say) and actively chat with...
on Jun 24, 2003
I read a lot of wireless related stuff: News articles, whitepapers, developer tutorials, user guides, Javadocs, and the list goes on. Most of this stuff is not particularly noteworthy. Sometimes, however, something stands out by its mere existence. June 15th's Wireless Week article on J2ME is just such a stand out. I enjoyed the quotes from AT&T about Java phones increasing the...
on Jun 19, 2003
Last week's JavaOne conference was very interesting for me. In the four years since the first part of what would become J2ME escaped from Sun Labs at JavaOne 1999 (happy 4th birthday, KVM!), the technology world has leapt forward from a wired, PC centric phase into the wireless device nirvana we've all been hoping for and writing about for years. Or at least, that's what I'd like to believe...
on Jun 17, 2003
Dan mentioned the first use at this conference of Bill Joy's, "Innovation happens elsewhere" second-hand quote. Now, that's the fine and dandy sound bite but... Innovation happens everywhere. That's the nature of life. Alas, it just so happens that it often gets ignored or otherwise overrun by various kinds of steamrollers.
on Jun 12, 2003
So we heard this morning that HP and Dell are going to be distributing new hardware with new Java versions. Anyone heard anything from IBM? Is it only me that finds this odd?
on Jun 11, 2003
There seems to be a big focus at this JavaOne about the "Corporate Developer." And for Java to reach a certain number of people, it has to become a standard for corporate applications. As such, there is a focus on web applications. I don't get it. Although there are a lot of web applications in this space, there are also a lot of rich clients. If you are deploying an internal application to your...
on Jun 11, 2003
NOT! Jonathan Schwartz "channeled" Xtina at this morning's keynote. For a few seconds there, he really had the audience believing that Christina Aguilera was a surprise guest. Schwartz played off the let down with: "We're just a bunch of geeks." Aguilera has gotten onto the Java bandwagon with the launch of the new consumer Java technology portal where she's helping to promote the notion of Java...
on Jun 10, 2003
Interesting article about's potential vs. the continued crumbling of the JCP (Java Community Process). The main take away for me is that Sun is putting out some effort to work better with the larger community.
on Jun 9, 2003
I've been blogging for 18 months or so over on my personal page so it's a delight to finally be able to write under the banner. Starting at JavaOne 2003 in San Francisco I'll comment on trends, oddities, gadgets and whatever else catches my eye as I travel. I'll cross-post anything relevant from my personal blog but if you want to read about my politics, musical taste etc you'll need to...
on Jun 8, 2003