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I've seen my share of death march projects, we all have (there are alot of them after all). What's amazing to me is not that they exist, but rather the sheer quantity and magnitude of them. I read this article in the Times this morning. It talks about a project to update the technical infrastructure of the FBI. It sounds like several projects I've worked on -- tell tale signs of death marches...
on Jan 14, 2005
Is Paul Graham, a very open and strong opponent of Java, using it himself? Well, not exactly. But Paul Graham's former company ViaWeb that was sold to Yahoo is. The last issue of Swing Sightings points to the Java based Yahoo site builder application for small business. Ordinarily, I wouldn't make a big deal out of something like this. But a decent amount of effort was spent in Hackers and...
on Nov 29, 2004
So we heard this morning that HP and Dell are going to be distributing new hardware with new Java versions. Anyone heard anything from IBM? Is it only me that finds this odd?
on Jun 11, 2003
There seems to be a big focus at this JavaOne about the "Corporate Developer." And for Java to reach a certain number of people, it has to become a standard for corporate applications. As such, there is a focus on web applications. I don't get it. Although there are a lot of web applications in this space, there are also a lot of rich clients. If you are deploying an internal application to your...
on Jun 11, 2003