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Bob Worrall, CIO at Sun, recently published an article on Forbes, Sun Microsystems' IT Tips. He starts by pointing out that as much as the current economic downturn impacts everyone, it's also a "huge opportunity" for IT to make spending count and to invest in technology for a competitive edge. Worrall has three suggestions on how to "stretch the IT budget": Aim for efficiency, that is, "doing...
on Feb 24, 2009
A recent article on Australian IT, Power Aids Virtual Server Push, describes, in largely layman's terms, the many benefits of 64-bit systems. A big plus is the flexibility for multiple servers to reside on the same hardware. Scalability, virtualization, and simulations all come into play. What a horizon of possibilities!
on May 30, 2007
Lee Gomes in his Wall Street Journal commentary, Some "Breakthroughs" Deserve That Title— But Definitely Not All, raised the point that the word breakthrough has been too widely adopted in press-release headlines by high-tech companies. We're experiencing "breakthrough inflation," he wrote. Interesting comment.Gomes concluded that Sun's DTrace, which I mentioned in a previous blog as being...
on Oct 3, 2006
A recent article in Network World, 20 People Who Changed the Industry, addresses not only their accomplishments, but also shines a light on a lot of the dazzling history of high technology that has dramatically changed our lives.The bow to Scott McNealy cites his belief in the network being the computer and revolutionary leadership of the Java programming language. Radia Perlman, distinguished...
on Apr 4, 2006
I enjoyed reading the wave of recent articles regarding the enthusiasm for Open Document Format (ODF), notably— Tech Rallies Around Open Document Format OpenDocument Format Supporters Band Together in Alliance Office Formats Alliance Opens for Business —along with an opinion on that the UI of the upcoming Microsoft Office...
on Mar 13, 2006
In a recent article, Sun Bullish on Service Biz Potential, reports the thoughts of Don Grantham, Sun EVP, and Dan Mahoney, chief research and client officer at Forrester Research.Interesting comments. Not much happens by accident--many will keep their eyes peeled.
on Dec 21, 2005