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How do you make money from open source software? I got the idea for today's blog from my friend Larry Snyder at Recursion Software. The question sounds ancient to me for some reason. It seems like a riddle passed down through the generations, perhaps with roots in mysticism or in ancient scrolls of the Tao or Zen. I can imagine Aristotle pondering on the subject. Perhaps I can at least guide...
on Aug 10, 2005
JXTATM For Business… Proven! Well, I keep saying that JXTA™ is where business needs to go to make a buck. Companies are indeed listening. 312 Inc. has just released a new JXTA product called LeanOnMe. LeanOnMe is a Peer-to-Peer off site backup tool. Simply, you choose the files you want backed up and choose another computer in the 312 Inc. peer network and your files can be...
on Aug 21, 2004
From MS to Apple: Don't hate me because my computer is beautiful. I now own an Apple. Its a nice 17" PowerBook. I still own an XP P IV 2GHz laptop and a few desktop PC's, but the Apple is used for 99% of my work. Why an Apple? Because it is as close to Linux as I can get without having to install it myself. Linux is cool, but I like something I can blame a real company for glitches. Imagine...
on Aug 12, 2003