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"Grid computing" - though it was quite an unknown concept till a few years ago, now everyone is talking about it. Some are saying it is everything we were missing, the next big thing. Others, as some bloggers, are simply skeptical and uncertain about its practical use. But the fact is many huge companies, such as Oracle and IBM, are investing a lot of money on that - and that's a good...
on Nov 26, 2003
"Java is indeed very powerful, flexible and scalable, but it is pretty hard to do simple things with it!" " is far more practical to this job than Java" "We should only use Java to more complex tasks" "There is no point in using Java if your product is going to be small" Have you ever heard any of these sentences before? You probably have. And I have to agree some things are just too hard to do...
on Aug 26, 2003
A few weeks ago, Tesla, the company I work for, sent all its employees to a non-techie workshop. One of the videos that was presented there contained the following sentence: "When paradigms change, everyone gets back to zero". That sentence got stuck into my mind because it reminded me of the OOP-to-AOP transition we are experiencing right now. The first article I read about AOP and Java was...
on Aug 6, 2003
If you could change EJBs, what would you do? If you had full power to add features or redesign the old ones, what would be different today? Well, in fact, you have the power to do it, but you need to be fast! JSR-220 is in its early stages and during JavaOne Linda DeMichiel, the spec lead, made it clear she wants to get input from the community. I attended her session about EJB 2.1 just because I...
on Aug 5, 2003
If you have been to the last edition of JavaOne, then you probably have seen me :-) I was one of the crazy, shameless Brazilian guys who attended the conference this year. No, I wasn't the "Brazilian superman", as one guy who works for Sun named Bruno Souza, our Javaman. :-) But, getting back to the point, there is a lot more about Java development and Brazil than you might know. To begin with,...
on Aug 4, 2003