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As JavaOne 2006 officially starts today, there are lots of excited attendees floating around with lots of questions in their heads: How do I write Java code to deal with all of these new multi-core chips? How do I create Java-based web services quickly and easily? Who's giving out the cool schwag? Where are the parties worth going to? What sessions should I attend? Is Ruby (and Ruby on...
on May 16, 2006
Yes, it's true. Scott "Scooter" McNealy is stepping down as CEO of Sun Microsystems. Sun may be doing better than previously but it's still losing real money. Worse, it lost most of its mindshare over the last 6 years. Jonathan Schwartz will continue as President and become the top dog. Personally, I think this is a really good move. Jonathan has embraced a much more clueful approach,...
on Apr 24, 2006
The Free Software Foundation has released the first public draft of version 3 of the Gnu Public License. The rationale document might be a more interesting place to start reading to about what they've changed so far and why. Updates: Note that folks using non-Gecko based browsers are not able to view or add comments about the draft on the web site but you can submit comments via email. For...
on Jan 16, 2006
Sun's open-source evangelist, Simon Phipps says that "the Verilog source code, tools and more behind the UltraSPARC T1 (the "design point") will be released under an OSI-approved open source license next year." They will supposedly be trying to create a hardware development community around SPARC computer architecture via Given that the SPARC architecture has, like MIPS, been...
on Dec 6, 2005
Finding yourself naked, in public, is a dream/nightmare that many people have. It could just be me but when I was first starting to program, I had a nightmare that not only was I coding naked but my code was naked, too. Partly in response to that, I became much more diligent about writing excellent code so that I'd never be embarrassed by my software. Over the years, I've joked with various...
on Nov 17, 2005
Sun's "Chief Open Source Officer", Simon Phipps, just announced that Sun is retiring the Sun Industry Standard Source License. He's putting Sun's money where it's mouth is and actually getting rid of the license to help reduce the ridiculously rampant proliferation of "open source" software licenses. Fer shizzle! If you're interested in why license proliferation is so lame, read Larry Rosen's...
on Sep 2, 2005
Kim Burchett posted a great story illustrating the Misunderstandings that happen in the software business. Hilarious, in a sad, scary, and all too true way.
on Mar 29, 2005
Way back when, Bob Metcalfe, one of the creators of ethernet, coined a formula that says that the value of a network grows on the order of n2. During the internet boom, that so-called "law" was used in bazillions of pitches to (attempt to) justify all sorts of aggressive growth strategies. Andrew Odlyzko and Benjamin Tilly have recently written a paper, A refutation of Metcalfe’s Law and a...
on Mar 13, 2005
EPIC 2014 is an 8 minute, Flash movie from the year 2014 about a very 1984-ish outcome to the juggernaut that is Google. Hilarious, in a scary way. :-)
on Mar 10, 2005
Well, I am a sucker for discussions about risk and software development. There are some interesting tidbits in Tiwana and Keil's: the one-minute risk assessment tool article for the ACM's Queue magazine. Alas, there are some fundamental problems with the article. So, definitely read it, but with a few grains of salt :-). First off, while they noted the (potential of) self-selection bias, that's...
on Mar 1, 2005
CNet reports that Microsoft is offering $5 (yes, 5) for data loss due to it's new AntiSpyware software that's in beta testing. Gee, thanks. That will buy me a cup of coffee so I can calm down after you destroy my data. Yeah, sure. This is another case of how Microsoft (and so many other organizations) just doesn't understand (or care) how enormous an impact their buggy software has on users....
on Feb 25, 2005
My little girl has this habit of pouring way too much milk into her bowl of cereal. Then, she whines and complains when we tell her to drink up the extra milk after the cereal is gone so it doesn't go to waste. Yesterday, she got quite snippy when I dared to suggest that she try pouring less milk into the bowl. Gee, she sounds like a lot of managers and developers of software. Though, to be more...
on Feb 17, 2005
Eben Moglen heads up this new organization, the Software Freedom Law Center, to "provide provide legal representation and other law related services to protect and advance Free and Open Source Software." The center has been established with a $4 million fund raised through the OSDL. Note that the free assistance is only available to eligible (i.e., non-profit) F/OSS projects that can't afford...
on Feb 1, 2005
Well, there's seems to be a fair bit of discussion lately about various approaches to making XML less of a bloated sack of protoplasm. Technically speaking there's a Sun article on talking about the Fast InfoSet draft specification. More generically speaking, here's a CNet article asking: How do we make XML faster? Alas, I don't see anyone asking moderately important questions like: If binary...
on Jan 19, 2005
MacWorld Expo 2005 is the consumer-focused show/exhibit/conference for all things related to Apple Computers. I've been going to the show for the last two years because Steve Jobs is funny as a keynote speaker and because I switched to a 17" Al-PowerBook when they came out. Alas, in stark contrast from years past, Apple seems to have stopped giving out goodies to attendees of the keynote (...
on Jan 12, 2005
Sun's Graham Hamilton has just announced the release of the Java Compatibility Kit (JCK) for J2SE under a read-only license. Whoopity do! If, heaven forbid, one wants to actually use the JCK at all, you are required to either submit to the onerous SCSL (Sun Community Source License) or upcoming JDL (Java Development License). If you want to use it commercially, you have negotiate a commercial...
on Dec 13, 2004
Eweek is claiming that, in reponse to IBM's open-letter to Sun to open-source Java, unnamed sources at Sun are telling Eweek that Sun representatives will meet with IBM to discuss open-sourcing Java.
on Feb 26, 2004
In response to Sun's Simon Phipps' rant about Eric Raymond's open letter to Sun to open-source Java, IBM Vice President Rod Smith has called for Sun to open-source Java in a letter to Sun Vice President Rob Gingell. Smith offers IBM's support to create an independent organization to control Java.
on Feb 26, 2004
In an article in the UK's PC Pro magazine, Sun fires back over Open Source Java accusations, Simon Phipps, Sun's Chief Technology Evangelist and blogger, rails about Eric Raymond's recent open letter to Sun, Let Java Go. Seems pretty clear that both sides make some points and miss their marks. I don't have the time right now into a blow by blow analysis but I will say that I'm...
on Feb 18, 2004
According to this EWeek article, Sun has a promotion through June, 2004 wherein a purchase of Sun's Java Studio Enterprise product subscription also gets you an AMD Opteron-based SunFire server. The catch is that the subscription cost is $1500 per year with what looks like a 3 year commitment. I do like the switch to focusing on the hardware as a support for the software.
on Feb 11, 2004