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There is a natural evolution of platform technologies from document publishing to forms processing to application delivery. The Web is the leading example of this, but Adobe Acrobat PDF and Microsoft InfoPath are on their way. The W3C has finally published its specification for XForms 1.0, after much delay and without the participation of Microsoft (not surprisingly). XForms is intended to...
on Aug 5, 2003
I have a big black phone with lots of buttons on my desk. I have a very small silver phone that I carry around with me all the times. I use each of these phones on a daily basis. Although they perform the same basic function (allow me to call other people and to receive calls), and they cost roughly the same, they are quite different in a number of ways. Some of those differences make sense...
on Jul 31, 2003
Before I get much further in my Blog, I just want to make one thing perfectly clear: I love servers. Or more accurately, I love having my applications and data on servers, and then I like to just forget about those servers. I want them to be someone else’s concern. I simply want my applications and my data to be wherever I need them. I want them to be backed up without my thinking about it....
on Jul 30, 2003
I hear that Macromedia Flash is going to alleviate the burden of having programmers. I’ve been hearing for the past two decades about how this or that new software development system was going to allow business users or designers to create software, and therefore companies wouldn’t have to employ expensive programmers. As a further benefit, IT would be much more responsive because users would...
on Jul 29, 2003