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The mornings trawl through my news items I discover this little gem from WIRED, regarding a quote from Dick Brass, VP of the automotive business unit at Microsoft.  They want a Microsoft OS in every car on Earth!  WOW, now that sort of ambition even outstrips the number of desktop PCs.  Looking at Microsofts site we can see they are talking up the use of .net...
on Dec 1, 2003
After the debacle around the infamous ServerSide report, you could be forgiven for treating all benchmarks and performance comparisons with a pinch of a salt. All the vendors cited in that exercise were very quick to distant themselves from the whole escapade and tout they would only be interested in official benchmarks. One such body that does attempt to define a standard is the Standard...
on Jul 29, 2003
Open-Source is something that is never far from the headlines. It is something that I have been giving a lot of thought to as of late. I haven't resolved my views on the whole movement yet and at the moment, I am purely in a data-collection phase. The one thing that I have been trying to resolve is the whole notion of food-on-the-table, and who actually puts it there. We all have to eat and...
on Jul 28, 2003