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Web Applications

The presentation by eBay distinguished architect Sastry Malladi at JavaOne on Tuesday afternoon illuminated the benefits, misconceptions, and deployment challenges of service-oriented architecture (SOA). He also described how eBay tackles the issues.Definition According to Malladi, SOA is an architecture that "removes brittle, hard-wired components that inhibit change." In their place are "...
on Jun 3, 2009
A late-January article on Techworld by Paul Krill reports on a recent speech by Lew Tucker, Sun's CTO for cloud computing. Tucker talked about the likelihood of IDEs accommodating the development and deployment of applications to the cloud, the problems that face migration of legacy applications, in particular security concerns, and possible solutions. Though a high-level overview, the article...
on Feb 20, 2009
Sun-sponsored, open-source Project Drizzle, which originated from MySQL code, aims at developing a lightweight SQL database for cloud and Web applications. Trond Norbye's recent posting tells you how to compile Drizzle on the OpenSolaris OS. You link to the proper header file, install the packages, the readline library, and the Google Protocol buffers; download and compile Bazaar; and, finally...
on Feb 9, 2009
Sun Web Stack, available from Sun in July, includes many preconfigured tools for Web development: Apache, MySQL, PHP, Python, the NetBeans IDE, and other components. A new article on Sun Developer Network walks you through the process of installing Sun Web Stack on OpenSolaris. The process takes only a few steps, easy as pie. Check it out.
on Oct 8, 2008
Check out a 90-minute hands-on lab that describes how to build and deploy simple Struts applications: Struts Basics, developed by Sang Shin, technology evangelist at Sun. The lab walks you through the process, accompanied by screen shots and sample code, on the NetBeans IDE.
on Mar 12, 2007