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After configuring Hudson to run in a Glassfish with security manager enabled I started to have problems in other applications, specially web applications using reflection to access private fields in Java classes. Over the web I noticed a lot of people struggling with the same issue (Seam, GWT, Vaadin, etc). The problem is caused because most of the modern frameworks tries to access Java...
on Jan 2, 2010

Web Applications

What is ICEfaces? ICEfaces is an Open Source JSF library that provides very easy of use Ajax Push and other advanced features. What is the key advantage of ICEfaces? We have a unique feature that caches the DOM model in the server side and it is able to respond to AJAX calls (or push operations) just with the part of the DOM actually modified in the server side. This makes the roundtrip lighter...
on Jun 1, 2009
Following my open questions series to Jazoon'08, I will abandon my server roots for a moment and I will visit the the GUI programming - a joy I usually delegate to other people but I must confess that also has it goodies. Preparing for the conference, I am applying an extra effort on my open source Cejug-Classifieds, a J2EE application that uses a JAXWS SOAP WebService as business facade. You...
on Jun 9, 2008
I am visiting the web pages worlds these days - I confess it is not my metier, but this html trip is unveiling nice tools to minimize your the stress about validation and performance of web pages. One of the hard tasks related to web performance is the large amount of details that can affect the usability round trip (request-server processing-response-browser rendering). During my preliminary...
on Jul 27, 2007