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Web Applications

Last time we looked at writing command and shortening the URLs using simple TinyURL API. This time, lets try to take this one step furter and generate URLs that are mobile-users friendly, i.e. URLs that can be easily recognized and processed by various mobile devices. Such are urls in QCode or DataMatrix scan codes. I'm sure almost everybody have seen those somewhere already, be it on printouts...
on Mar 7, 2010
Originally, I wanted to write about Magnolia-Twitter integration, but at some point I've realized such integration is so simple that there's no point writing about it. So instead, let's look how you can write custom commands for Magnolia. Anybody who seriously developed on Magnolia for while had to write a Command sooner or later. They are incredibly simple, yet very powerful. Part of it is that...
on Feb 22, 2010
Is it possible to do an A/B testing with Magnolia? The question popups often in the discussions with potential Magnolia users from various e-business companies. This really depends on what you want to test. The design of whole site or just best position for an ad on a single page or layout of one page or ...  If you want to do it on the site level the easiest (with current release - 4.2...
on Feb 11, 2010
Yet another week of development is nearly over (at least for me). What was this week all about? Apart from the really low temperatures outside (on Tuesday it was -24C at 4am), I focused mainly on extending the multi-site support in Magnolia. This feature exists for years already. But what it really means in context of Magnolia? In general you can setup the server to run mulptiple domains and you...
on Jan 28, 2010
I was asked  recently if/how can someone create or configure the link control in Magnolia dialog so it would allow editor to choose not only the target of the link, but also the repository from which to choose such target. For those not familiar with the link control, right now you have to configure repository from which the control will let you select the target in the dialog...
on Jan 22, 2010
Or can there ever be too many backups? I don't think so. On the other hand very often I have seen people underestimating testing their backup solutions and restore procedures and discovering issues only in middle of a crisis when restore of previously made backup is desperately (and quickly) needed. Just few examples of those: Backup is seemingly running, but backup media is corrupted is a way...
on May 7, 2009
I might have mentioned something about cache in Magnolia here before, today let's look at another aspect of it. While in general Magnolia follows well known and understood publish/subscribe model when it comes to page activation (the activation is always done in direction from authoring to public instance), there is one notable exception to this model - public generated content. This it the kind...
on Apr 29, 2009
Over last couple of months more people have been asking about the workflow. Probably most often asked question is whether or not it is possible to monitor running workflow instances from within Magnolia. The response to this question have always been along the lines: yes, you can monitor the workflows, but no, you can't do so from within the admin interface of Magnolia. OpenWFE provides tools to...
on Mar 3, 2009
Just to give you a short peek under the hood of development going on for Magnolia 3.7, here come three different examples of writing paragraph templates for Magnolia. The example is actual textimage paragraph from the current samples. The first code snippet shows how things have been done up until now with JSP paragraph renderer. And it will still work in 3.7, so don't worry, you don't need to...
on Sep 16, 2008
Not so long ago I talked to Boris about Magnolia's new website and the problems with displaying blogs of developers using existing rss paragraph. While this paragraph allows displaying content of the feed on the fly there are several issues with the paragraph. First is the connectivity, paragraph doesn't keep the content of the feed, just a url to it and has to obtain fresh version on the fly. In...
on Aug 21, 2008
The stable release of Magnolia 3.6 will soon be out and it will ship with a brand new cache system implemented from scratch. The intention was not to reinvent the wheel, instead, the new cache system decouples Magnolia's presentation layer from the underlying cache mechanisms and allows to plug in any cache engine of choice. Magnolia 3.6 will be distributed with EHCache as the default cache...
on Jun 26, 2008
I never wrote anything about Magnolia on this blog yet, so for those of you who never heard of it here comes a brief summary. If you know what Magnolia is about, feel free to skip to the next paragraph. Magnolia is a Content Management System (CMS). It is Open Source and there is a Community Edition available for those who are in need of a CMS and are happy to work it out themselves and rely on...
on Jun 5, 2008