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Grizzly Deployer got lot of activity recently over mailing list, so I took the time to give you a new feature that been added to the release 1.9.17. The Autodeploy command. You should see that option like a default web.xml config that will be append to all your webapps that you will deploy. You can activate this feature by adding this param to the command line : java -jar grizzly-http-...
on Sep 10, 2009

Web Applications

We got something really cool for Grizzly. It's a Servlet AutoDeployer for GrizzlyWebServer. Now that it said.. let's talk more about that. When you have servlets, you will need a AppServer or a WebServer to deploy your applications. Nothing new there.. it's a been like that for years. Mostly you had to create a web.xml, put that in a war and deploy it. There are others alternatives, like...
on Apr 1, 2009
I did a previous post about how to do it with XMLBean or JABX, but it was more an example how to do it. This time is the real deal. I used JABX to generate the java classes from the schemas and use that to parse the web.xml. The result is a simple class : WebAppLoader that will load the web.xml. Here a example : WebappLoader webappLoader = new WebappLoader(); WebApp webapp = webappLoader....
on Mar 25, 2009
I needed to parse a web.xml for a sample for Grizzly and I wanted to find a way to have something that I can reuse later.  You don't have to do it by hand.  There are tools out there to do it for you. One of them is XMLBeans from Apache group and more popular is JAXB.  For JDK 1.4 ,I used XMLBeans and if you have JDK6 JAXB will reduce the dependencies and will be more smaller....
on Dec 19, 2008
I found a really nice taglib to generate html table for my JSP  :DisplayTag.  What I like about DisplayTag is that the most common features are buildin : Sort, Pagination, Export to Excel...  Before that I had to do it each time, and it's not really productive and worst.. the code can easily be broke by others developpers. I'll show you how to create a search page using Struts with...
on Dec 17, 2008