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Surely one of the biggest announcements at JavaOne 2010 was the new roadmap for JavaFX, laying out the journey towards a 2.0 release that will be radically different from what had gone before -- not so much evolution, as total revolution. While the details, when they arrived, contained a fair few surprises, the overall radical nature of the roadmap was not totally unexpected; many had suspected...
on Sep 24, 2010

Web Applications

In recent weeks I've been immersed in the strange and exciting world of the JavaFX Preview release. Some might say up to my neck, although sometimes it's felt more like drowning. JavaFX makes a lot of previously very complex graphics tasks now very simple. At the same time it makes a lot of previously very simple tasks now frustratingly hard! Of course, this is merely preview release one...
on Aug 28, 2008
I always assumed the word "jargon" was a reasonably recent addition to the English languages, but a quick glance at the OED gives examples of its use dating back as far as Chaucer. It would seem that man has been uttering "... unintelligible or meaningless talk or writing; nonsense, gibberish" for centuries! Or perhaps that should be "...conversing by means of symbols otherwise meaningless; a...
on Jul 31, 2008
Today is apparently Bill Gates' first day away from Microsoft. As he leaves, some have suggested Microsoft's star is now in the descent, as Google's star climbs ever higher. Is this really the case, is Google destined to become the next Microsoft? When a company attains a certain dominance in the market, isn't it hard to unseat them? After all, they can afford to hire all the best people!...
on Jun 30, 2008
For a while now I've been mulling over an idea for a new type of social network, one which is actually social in nature and not just name. The key to my idea is harnessing the ad-hoc connectivity of wireless mobile devices to move the network out into the real physical world. It's a curious little idea which, like most curious little ideas, involves a lot unknowns which have to be worked out....
on Apr 17, 2008