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Web Applications

This is 1.0.0 release of GlassFish gem. This release is based on GlassFish v3 final release. Unlike other gem releases which used to get posted on the RubyForge gem repo. Now its pushed to Gemcutter. The end result is pushing is easy and the gem is available moments after its pushed. Also now I can see how many of each release get downloaded. To install, simply type the following on a JRuby...
on Dec 10, 2009
GlassFish v3 Preview is available and I am excited to announce support for Django applications. Django is a Python based framework, probably anyone hosting their applications on GAE might know Django is a Python based web framework. GlassFish-Scripting project provides implementation of Jython Container. Just like JRuby Container, Jython Container does the following: Provides GlassFish v3...
on Jun 5, 2009
I guess was too busy with JavaOne to announce the release of GlassFish gem 0.9.5. This release is based on GlassFish v3 Kernel from GlassFish v3 Preview. This release also has few critical fixes related to logging and an improvement in logging where you would be able to log the message on cosole using -l option without a log file name. See the changes in this release and follow the...
on Jun 4, 2009
GlassFish gem as well as GlassFish v3 supports Rack. Rack provides an interface to plugin a Ruby web framework with a web sever. Similar to Python WSGI. This means that any ruby based framework that can talk Rack can be simply deployed on GlassFish. Here is how you can do it on GlassFish gem: Insall JRuby Install JRuby from here. Setup JRUBY_HOME to the install location and add JRUBY_HOME/bin...
on Apr 3, 2009
I just released a new version of GlassFish gem ver 0.9.2. This release has startup time improvement and it also contains few critical bug fixes. The change log for ver 0.9.2 can be found here. The main issue was to do with the timeout during startup for certain applications. We should have another release shortly as some issues  reported could not get in to this release and will make...
on Jan 30, 2009
During JavaOne I heard about Lift - a Scala web framework and wanted to try it. It claims to provide best of Rails(simple and fast development), Seaside(security), Django(access control by default) and uses Wicket for view templates. In few steps I had my first Lift web application running on GlassFish v3. Lift applicatin development process is Maven based and uses Derby as the default...
on May 16, 2008
Recently Guillaume reported to me about his Grail app not deploying on GlassFish v3 Preview 2. The problem reported was that the Grail app was taking lots of time to deploy on GlassFish v3 Preview 2. Although such failures are not acceptable but considering GlassFish v3 is a complete new architecture, is still under development and feature incomplete and above all the preview releases do...
on Mar 7, 2008


GlassFish v3 final has monitoring and administration support for Ruby on Rails or any Ruby Rack based application. Here is how you would go about administering and monitoring your Ruby on Rails application on GlassFish v3: Setup GlassFish v3 First you need to install GlassFish v3. Get it from here. After the download simply unzip it to the directory of your choice. JRuby Install JRuby 1.4.0 using...
on Dec 10, 2009