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There's been some interesting activity in the Bunkhouse Porch recently. Douglas Dunn has just released the 2nd volume of his Mastering The Fundamentals of the Java Programming Language ... for free! His first book, Java Rules was rated very highly and apparently this is even better. I said the same thing yesterday about Mac OS X for Java Geeks - this is not your normal Java book. Instead,...
on Aug 8, 2003
I've just reviewed this book for the JavaRanch Bunkhouse and thought that I would share it via my blog... I’ve had a PowerBook for about three months now and I thought that I had Java on Mac OS X figured out. How wrong could I be! First of all, it’s worth pointing out that Mac OS X for Java Geeks by Will Iverson is not your normal Java book. It doesn’t teach you how to use Java, and it doesn’t...
on Aug 7, 2003
Is there anything in the world Sun does not consider a "core" API? Just like everyone else in this Brave New World of broadband Internet and gigabyte hard drives, they figure nobody will mind downloading 14 Meg. Of course, they seem to be doing a fantastic job of compressing the JRE compared to the SDK as a whole (the whole 1.4.2 SDK is 44 MB, but expands to just a little over twice the size...
on Aug 7, 2003
I'm currently reading (and reviewing for JavaRanch) Mac OS X for Java Geeks by Will Iverson and I'm surprised at how good the integration between the core Java platform and Mac OS X really is. Okay, I knew that Apple ships JDK 1.3 and 1.4 along with OSX, but I never realised that you could build a Java application and package it up to look like a regular native app wihout running your code...
on Aug 5, 2003
Years ago, I worked at CNN Headline News as a Writer / Associate Producer, which pretty much meant I was an editor, except they paid me the Writer/AP salary (the editors, in turn, were really producers, etc., up and down the corporate ladder). At the time, the de facto standard for newsroom computer systems was "Basys", which wired dumb terminals to a mainframe, and let users view directories,...
on Aug 1, 2003
Anecdotal evidence has been brewing for a while that the Java 3D API has been in a state of decay. Today's events seem to resolve the situation, with a much more promising future for 3D graphics in java than when we woke up this morning, even if that future doesn't seem to include Java3D itself. Much speculation about Java3D has come from developers on Mac OS X, which has never enjoyed a...
on Jul 28, 2003
Return with me, if you will, to the early days of Java. It was hot. People started using it when it was alpha; by beta, there was at least one book out, Netscape supported it, and people were already using it on their web sites. Clearly, the great attraction of Java at the time was the ability to make your web pages actually do something. But Java had other attractions as a language. For me...
on Jul 21, 2003
The idea of the MacHack conference - 48 hours of talking and coding, with an emphasis on doing clever but useless things with code - seems like it would cater exclusively to platform-specific Mac coders. But instead, Java has been a big part of this conference. Ken Arnold's delightful keynote started with principles of good design, both of end-user applications and of API's offered to other...
on Jun 21, 2003
Jonathan Simon's weblog on the Sound API struck a nerve. I recently needed to use the javax.comm API to do serial communications with a ham radio. It's great stuff--it's easy to use, and I was writing code to control the radio within an hour or so. But it also looked like the API hadn't been touched since JDK 1.1.7 or thereabouts. There was no Linux port, no OS X port (yeah, I know, OS X...
on Jun 17, 2003
As many o fyou know, I have been working with music and audio programming in Java for quite some time. This included work with Java sound. After my JavaSound talk this year at JavaOne, I got to grab a bite to eat with my fellow presenters Phil Burk and Nick Didkovsky and JavaSound lead Florian Bomers. I've worked with Florian in the past, most;y communicating via the JavaSound listserv. Now, I...
on Jun 16, 2003
Yes indeed, you know the cluetrain has left the station when perennial favorite, Doug Lea, has his Concurrency talk scheduled in one of the tiny session rooms. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense at a developer conference. The best suggestion that I heard to help make up for it would be to make Doug's talk available online for free -- instead of having to fork out $40 (on top of the conference fee!)...
on Jun 10, 2003
I just sat through several sessions on the new features in J2SE 1.5 as well as 1.4.2. Here are some disconnected thoughts on what I've heard.... Auto-Update for JRE: This seemed to be a big deal. Apparently, it was supposed to be released in 1.4.2, but was delayed to some serious bugs. I have very mixed feelings on this. I think its great that you can update the VM on users machines, don't get me...
on Jun 10, 2003