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So I've been reading a bit about this battle between Microsoft and Sun ... I mean between C# and Java ... about something I think is called a delegate. The above URL describes them in the context, strangely, of Visual J++. From what it looks like to me, all that C# really has that Java does not is the ability to, effectively, have one method per callback interface. This would be as if, for...
on Jan 22, 2004
Don't I have anything good to say about anything? Well, yes I do. I have learned to love Python. Which means I should not be a stickler for strong typing, and therefore autoboxing should be right up my alley. Let me tell you about something that always drives me crazy. I read articles about how to optimize Java code. One warning often heard is that creating a lot of objects has a high...
on Sep 11, 2003
Have you noticed that I do a lot of complaining? Today I am wondering why Java has no direct support for alpha levels on windows or non-rectangular shapes. Every windowing system in the world seems to support this. Sun has done a good job moving toward support of multiple monitors, unusable screen real estate, and so forth. Why not this feature that would allow Java apps to be a little more...
on Aug 12, 2003
Is there anything in the world Sun does not consider a "core" API? Just like everyone else in this Brave New World of broadband Internet and gigabyte hard drives, they figure nobody will mind downloading 14 Meg. Of course, they seem to be doing a fantastic job of compressing the JRE compared to the SDK as a whole (the whole 1.4.2 SDK is 44 MB, but expands to just a little over twice the size...
on Aug 7, 2003
Return with me, if you will, to the early days of Java. It was hot. People started using it when it was alpha; by beta, there was at least one book out, Netscape supported it, and people were already using it on their web sites. Clearly, the great attraction of Java at the time was the ability to make your web pages actually do something. But Java had other attractions as a language. For me...
on Jul 21, 2003