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There appears to be over-reacting and fearism concerning a recent decision to cancel the DLJ project, and subsequently Ubuntu's plan to remove DLJ-based Java packages from their repository.  I'm totally out of the loop of this except for a couple things.  As the former DLJ Project Lead I was still vaguely involved with the management of that project, and recently there was an...
on Dec 19, 2011
Remember that vague announcement last week with cooperation between Google and Sun? The concrete piece of that announcement was for Sun to bundle the Google toolbar with the Windows JRE download. Now, a week+ later, the combined JRE+Toolbar download is available. The windows install help page discusses it, showing that the installation of the toolbar happens as part of the JRE Installer. Since...
on Oct 13, 2005
One of the things we've been doing is opening up the processes around Java, and distributing buildable source that's updated as we develop the 6.0 release. We really want feedback from the public as to whether we're going in the right direction, if you see any quality issues in your applications, whether we've broken anything, etc. We are, of course, continuing to do the testing the Quality...
on Sep 16, 2005
I just watched a long video shot by Scoble about the Sparkle product that Microsoft is brewing up. It gave me several thoughts to share. But first, a coule links: What is Sparkle and is it a "Flash Killer?" (arsTechnica review of Scobles move) Manuel Clement and others - Introducing Sparkle (Scoble's posting on Channel 9 allowing the Sparkle team to demo the code) My first thought is remembering...
on Sep 16, 2005
I've been wanting to find an HTML editor that's an Applet suitable for integrating with the "content management systems". I've used several of the javascript-only editor applet's (should it be called an "applet" when it's written in Javascript?), and while they're okay I know that Java and Swing ought to be able to do better. I was hoping to find a java HTML editor applet to be able to do a...
on Sep 5, 2005