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Got an email from the former JavaSound team (i.e. Florian) mentioning that Sun finally got their acts together and released an MP3 plugin. Apparently, it works with JMF as well as JavaSound. Apprently, this was blessed by Sun as they solved whatever legal issues were pressing. Rock on! Granted I don't think this should have happened...
on Nov 11, 2004
So far, of the people I’ve brought in, no one has been able to answer a simple Swing threading question. Several even suggested to use SwingUtilities.invokeLater() for expensive work - not knowing it’s actually executing in the Swing thread. I’m making a point of this because it highlights a disconnect between the design of the Swing API and its users. Is the Swing API too...
on May 10, 2004
As many o fyou know, I have been working with music and audio programming in Java for quite some time. This included work with Java sound. After my JavaSound talk this year at JavaOne, I got to grab a bite to eat with my fellow presenters Phil Burk and Nick Didkovsky and JavaSound lead Florian Bomers. I've worked with Florian in the past, most;y communicating via the JavaSound listserv. Now, I...
on Jun 16, 2003
I just sat through several sessions on the new features in J2SE 1.5 as well as 1.4.2. Here are some disconnected thoughts on what I've heard.... Auto-Update for JRE: This seemed to be a big deal. Apparently, it was supposed to be released in 1.4.2, but was delayed to some serious bugs. I have very mixed feelings on this. I think its great that you can update the VM on users machines, don't get me...
on Jun 10, 2003