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Browsing the code for BasicScrollBarUI (yes, i don't have a life), i was puzzled by the following lines:   (ltr ? decrButton : incrButton).setBounds(leftButtonX,      itemY, leftButtonW, itemH);  (ltr ? incrButton : decrButton).setBounds(rightButtonX,      itemY, rightButtonW, itemH); Say what? I had no idea that the ternary conditional operator...
on Jul 20, 2006
In "Evolving the Java language" technical session during the last JavaOne, Mark Reinhold shed some light on the future of Java XML support. The slides for the technical sessions have been finally uploaded to conference webpage, so download the PDF for session TS-7955. The executive summary of the relavant slides is: DOM is excellent feature-wise, but requires too much code to be written, and...
on Jul 16, 2005
And so, last evening I set out to provide 1.4-compatible version of my Substance look-and-feel library. What promised to be an easy task (a couple of changes per file, given not too excessive use of generics), turned out to be a frustrating and valuable experience not only with Swing classes, but with Java 5.0 features in general. First off, I should say that at work we write for JDK 1.4.2. For...
on Jul 15, 2005
Over the last year the term POJO has enjoyed an enormous success in the Java community. One of the major reasons for this being, of course, introduction of annotations in JDK 5.0. The new version of EJB shows us the promised land where no home or remote interface step, JAXB 2.0 works exclusively with annotations, and there is even a whole JSR that aims to standardize common annotations in Java....
on Apr 2, 2005