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A few days ago, I needed to write a program that was essentially a variant of the well-known UNIX diff. I had to find out which lines had been added and deted between two versions of a file--the trick (which made diff inapplicable) was that the order of the lines had been changed. Well, I'd been wanting an excuse to learn Ruby for some time, but the more I thought about it--I could write this...
on Jan 3, 2005
So, what was cool this year? The tiger on stage? I missed that. The keynotes that were more or less repeats of the previous year's keynotes? Unfortunately, I didn't miss those, though I wasn't quite as put off by them as some people were. (But I admit--I missed the tiger because I was tired of listening to last year's keynote one more time, so I split.) We've been hearing that "this is the...
on Jul 3, 2004
Jonathan Simon's weblog on the Sound API struck a nerve. I recently needed to use the javax.comm API to do serial communications with a ham radio. It's great stuff--it's easy to use, and I was writing code to control the radio within an hour or so. But it also looked like the API hadn't been touched since JDK 1.1.7 or thereabouts. There was no Linux port, no OS X port (yeah, I know, OS X...
on Jun 17, 2003