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Another year, another JavaOne. It's always great to see so many old friends again. This year seems to be continuing the attendance growth trend of the last couple of year so that's a good sign. Also, I've been able to find enough actually interesting and useful talks to keep from going back to sleep and that's an even better sign. In particular, this is starting to show how the "Java community"...
on May 7, 2008
Josh Bloch and Neal Gafter have been doing their wonderful Java Puzzlers shtick at JavaOne for the last 4 years. This year, Bill Pugh has stepped in for Neal to keep the puzzlers puzzling. The puzzles point out all sorts of interesting and exasperating gotchas in the Java language and libraries that linger for ages waiting to humble us all. This year's set of puzzles include a slew of problems...
on May 9, 2007
As noted by various people, including Malcolm Davis, there's a lot of Apple laptops in evidence at the show this year. In particular, a whole slew of them on-stage for the keynote sessions. But where's Apple? Really? For all of Apple's pledges that Java is a first class citizen, Java support on OS X has been tardy, at best. Each new, major release of Java takes many months (as in over a year)...
on May 9, 2007
Java J2SE v1.5.0, aka "Tiger", has been officially released by Sun. Is this all that you hoped it would be?
on Sep 29, 2004
Sam Pullara has done some work to help people run some of the Java v1.5 features on Mac OS X. Note that his work is based upon the bundles made available as part of JSR-14 and is therefore a bit out of date relative to the official releases for other platforms (even more so when the next official beta is release in the next couple of weeks). I don't know about you but I'm finding Apple's...
on May 22, 2004
Sun has released Gilad Bracha's Generics Tutorial.
on Feb 17, 2004
Sun has released J2SE v1.5 beta 1. Go wild!
on Feb 4, 2004
Rather than being forced to register at JavaLobby to be able to get access to the release, you can download the Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition v1.5.0 alpha release directly from Sun. People interested in the JSR-166 Concurrency additions should note that the Tiger alpha release does not contain the latest version of the package. You can get the latest version from the JSR 166 resources web site.
on Dec 28, 2003
Here are a couple of recent articles with recommendations of Java exception handling practices... From, Gunjan Doshi gives us his Best Practices for Exception Handling. From, Jim Cushing gives us hisThree Rules for Effective Exception Handling. The questions of what, where, and why are spot on.
on Dec 12, 2003
Yes indeed, you know the cluetrain has left the station when perennial favorite, Doug Lea, has his Concurrency talk scheduled in one of the tiny session rooms. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense at a developer conference. The best suggestion that I heard to help make up for it would be to make Doug's talk available online for free -- instead of having to fork out $40 (on top of the conference fee!)...
on Jun 10, 2003