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I'm here at Microsoft's Professional Developer Conference (PDC), the Big Redmond's irregularly scheduled conference where they introduce new technology to developers. It's a pretty surreal experience. I'm using the only Mac as far as the eye can see. It's kind of like JavaOne in a parallel universe. This morning, Bill Gates and Jim Allchin got up and talked about a lot of the old stuff we've...
on Sep 13, 2005
(Note: this entry is cross-posted on my personal blog site -- If a system's glitches can be compared to fish, I want to tell you about my white whale. A while back, I was working on a system feature that read in some XML from the filesystem, XSLT'd it into HTML, and served it up to a browser. The XML had a bunch of characters from the higher Unicode ranges (i.e., >255), and...
on Sep 3, 2005
Kudos to Dion for being the first I've seen to point this out. Says he: Interestingly, it seems like it was lead by good 'ole Geir Magnusson. Maybe nothing was read into that when the proposal came out. But now, Geir is an IBMer. With the acquisition of Gluecode, GM Jr. now works for IBM. Should Harmony succeed--and as Dion points out, IBM certainly has the IP for that to happen--what becomes...
on May 12, 2005