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When I got myself a blog I thought I'd have used it to talk about the java technologies I use everyday. Whether it is Spring, XStream or less popular open-sources, the idea was to divulge what I was learning to the benefit of the java community and my own. Today instead I feel like writing about javaspaces but, not to discuss about some good practice I learnt, but to ask everybody who...
on Jan 28, 2007
Can XML capture the Dependency Injection pattern ? Xml is a great language for describing structured data. But it works less well when people use it to describe control flow. Even worse when people treat it as a complete programming language (e.g.: ANT, XSLT) So my question is, does XML fit naturally when used to capture the dependency injection pattern ? Following the 'dependency...
on Dec 6, 2006
A Dynamic Language For BeanFactory A Dynamic Language For BeanFactory. One of the things I like the most about the Spring-IOC-container is its non-intrusiveness. I can write my classes, test them and then, only when I come to assemble them, use Spring. For this final step, I use the XmlBeanFactory (the most commonly used implementation of the BeanFactory) and write an xml file like...
on Nov 30, 2006