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JavaOne is coming up, and with it no doubt a slew of enhancements to JavaFX. Many of you reading will have no doubt dipped your toe into the waters of Sun's new platform, but how well do you really understand the power of its Domain-specific language, JavaFX Script? I've had a pretty good excuse to write lots of JavaFX code of late, and to be exposed to some of the difficulties programmers first...
on May 26, 2009
Several people responded to my original rant, and I'm glad to say just about everyone one of them had an interesting take on the whole Java DB issue. Romain Guy and Joshua Marinacci even went as far as to blog on the topic. Some of the comments appended to all three entries are exceptionally noteworthy too. Spinning of from TOR (the original rant) is John Reynolds and Evan Summers who threw up...
on Jul 19, 2006
Recall the motto "when the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail". One wonders whether the reverse is true? If you spent all your time banging in nails, are you inclined to judge every tool by its suitability to act as a hammer? Reading through some of the recent comments on blogs and forums of late I've begun to wonder if there isn't a sizeable section of the Java...
on Jul 12, 2006