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Do you remember the email you got to tell you that your jre had a vulnerability? No? What about the fact that Java 5 is in an end of life phase. Given the time it has taken for Java 7 to appear its has somewhat slowed the normal EOL pace of the Java platforms. You may not know that Java 1.4.2  for business will be supported commercially until April 2018,  which is kind of mind-...
on Apr 28, 2010
A Potted History of Applets Dion was privy to some news about the latest news on Java Applets. But why a re-birth of applets and how did they get from front page news to an industry footnote? My first experience of applets was from WebRunner, the Java based browser which spread through Sun like wildfire. I was working for Sun in Europe in those days and it was such a step up in ease of use...
on Oct 23, 2007
I read another blog entry complaining about the Java naming scheme. If that is the biggest issue with Java 5 today then I'm very happy. The complaint is that there are 3 names, Java 5, Java 1.5 and Tiger. Well first let me tackle the Tiger bit. The Java codenames are all listed here. Tiger or 'Project Tiger' was the name used on a day to day basis, its a convenience instead of saying one point...
on Apr 28, 2006
There was a lot of hype and predictions in 2000 that C# was going to be the #1 programming language. All that we could do at Sun was to listen to what Java users wanted and build the best release we could, that was JDK 5.0. Ironically it probably energized us, which is something to be said for competition. Yet here we are 5 years later with a new wave of languages getting the attention. Python,...
on Aug 16, 2005
We launched two new free open source projects over the weekend. The first is a simple automatic Java boundary testing tool, called Testgen4J Although the enterprise market has a choice of full functioning Java test generation tools there is little to none for the open source community. Testgen4j is functioning alpha version that takes Java class...
on Aug 1, 2005
I've received numerous emails asking me about my thoughts on the apache Harmony project and what does it really mean. It seems like everyone else has had their 2 cents so here is mine. Now, not to keep you in suspense, yes, I believe it is a good thing. Infact I would like to see more developer goodwill from Sun but I'll get to that later. The J2SE 5.0 TCK terms opened the door for other Java...
on May 18, 2005
I recently submitted a bug through the Jira bug tracking software and I noticed a reference to bug voting. hmm bug voting, I remember that. It is also in bugzilla too, I trawled through the history of bugzilla voting and it mentions revzilla but even that doesn't extend that far back. I googled for more but drew a blank. So where did this all come from? I would like to vote that it was a Java...
on May 9, 2005
After looking back 10 years in Java's history, this month I look forward to see what plans Sun has made. Even though Open Source Java may not be on the cards I do have one recommendation that is due its time. Find out more at JDJ
on Apr 11, 2005
This months JDJ features two articles discussing the history of Java. One written by the very first Java Product Manager, Kim Polese From Here to Ubiquity. The second is my fly on the wall observations from my Sun days Ten Years of Java Technology. I transferred to Javasoft in 1996 from another Sun division, it was a true startup atmosphere compared to the rest of Sun. We only had one director...
on Mar 11, 2005
You've got your mustang source snapshot, and have hopefully built your own test JDK. But how can you navigate through the source code? Some things are intuitive, others are the result of years of source changes, integrations and build environment updates. Perhaps the most complex area to understand is the hotspot source tree, or what we refer to as the hotspot workspace. The hotspot source...
on Dec 9, 2004
The J2SE 5.0 source code has now been released under the SCSL and Java Research License If you are just getting started with the Sun source and are interested in the linux port then I can recommend getting involved with the porting project. There are years of porting experience contained in that group and also experience with the TCK, both Hui and myself are also on the alias along...
on Nov 5, 2004
I've received a few emails asking about the quality of J2SE 5.0, I'm guessing related to recent blogs entries about the tiger rc release. I am always nervous before a final release, I never want to tempt fate. However this is by far the best quality release I have ever seen and I've been at Javasoft since 1996. Many of the improvements are in common api code that you will also see on your IBM,...
on Sep 9, 2004
I am pleased to report that we are one step closer to the final ballot of the Tiger release, jsr 176 jcp page. Look out for some related news on Monday. I have been impressed with all the expert groups in this release, and obviously the JSR 176 team. When you look at the companies and individuals involved, I know Java is in safe hands. One top tip if you want to participate in the jcp process...
on Jun 25, 2004


There were a few ripples around the Java community given that James Gosling the founding father of Java has left Oracle/Sun. I'm not that surprised, I'm sure many others are not either. Google must have made inquiries on more than one occasion and Sun had a number of painful years even when I was there, plenty of layoffs that made each release more difficult and that was 5 years ago. ...
on Apr 12, 2010