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In short, don't rely on the finalize() method as your only cleanup method, especially if it is deleting files. Instead make up a cleanup method (cleanup() works nicely) that lazy deletes things. Here is an example. public class Example {  boolean isCleanedUp = false;    public synchronized void cleanup() {    if (isCleanedUp) return;    // flag as...
on Jul 31, 2007
This is reference page for the Java course I taught for PWC. We'll put links and notes here for things that we talk about in the course. You can also leave comments for anything that I miss. Links for the tools that we use. Java Development Kit (JDK) 5.0: This is the code that will compile and execute Java. Remeber to set your classpath to include the "/bin" directory and you may have to include...
on Jun 12, 2006
I like that Java can tell you what platform it is running on, but often I forget what strings to expect from the and os.arch System properties. Google revealed a nice list. Why would you ever want to use this? It is handy in any case where you need to know if you are running on Mac OSX, Linux, Windows, or any other specific platform. For instance, if you want to save a config file in an...
on Feb 27, 2006
I like using Ant. I think it rocks. I can't say I'm as much a fan of Windows, and here is a work around I'd like to highlight in a google-cacheable location. Recently I bumped a development environment running on a Windows XP box up to JDK 1.5 along with installing Ant 1.6.5. Suddenly any command line parameters passed to ant were being ignored. The fix? Make sure you don't have any trailing...
on Nov 2, 2005