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After nearly eighteen months of effort within Sun, the Java Community Process, and the wider JDK Community, the Mustang Beta Release is now available. In contrast to the source and binary snapshots that we’ve been shipping for over a year, the formal beta release has been through many weeks of intensive testing—and a tiny little bit of last-minute bug-fixing—in order to...
on Feb 16, 2006
Just in time for the holidays! The Early Draft Review version of the JSR 270 specification, which governs the content of the Java SE 6 “Mustang” release, is now available. JSR 270 is an “Umbrella” JSR, so it doesn’t define specific features itself—instead it lists features defined in other JSRs, or in the concurrent maintenance...
on Dec 21, 2005
The JSR 270 Expert Group recently decided upon the set of component JSRs that will appear in Mustang, a.k.a. Java SE 6. Here they are, grouped together by area: 202: Java Class File Specification Update 199: Java Compiler API Ease of Development 269: Pluggable Annotation Processing API 260: Javadoc Tag Update 221: JDBC 4.0 223: Scripting for the Java Platform...
on Jul 19, 2005
JSR 270, the umbrella JSR for J2SE 6.0 ("Mustang"), was resoundingly approved by the JCP Executive Committee for J2SE/J2EE earlier this week. The expert group already has some initial members; we'll be accepting additional applications through Monday, 14 March. We won't be able to accept every application, of course, since we'll need to strike a balance between having broad representation from...
on Mar 2, 2005
Way back when I was an undergrad I had a professor who was a stickler for experimental method. She was also, however, always anxious to see what you had learned. As soon as she understood your experimental setup -- which was usually before the end of your explanation of it -- she'd insistently ask, "What were your results?" Between her enthusiasm for the question and her eastern-European...
on Nov 15, 2004
Tiger is done. Whew! I can just about hear the collective sigh of relief from everyone, both inside and outside of Sun, who contributed to this amazing product. We hope you enjoy working with it. As I've said before, I think Tiger is the highest-quality JDK that we've ever built -- and I've been helping to build these things since JDK 1.1. This seems an appropriate time to...
on Sep 30, 2004
The Tiger Release Candidate shipped earlier today. Even more amazingly, our QA team is happy with it! Our hard-working QA team recently presented a summary of their results based on the near-final builds of Tiger. Overall this is looking to be the most stable and reliable JDK that we've ever shipped. Here are the highlights of their report: Applet compatibility   ...
on Sep 1, 2004
Last Friday we posted the first of the Tiger Snapshot releases to the web. Build 55 is available right now, and the plan is to post each weekly build until we reach the Release Candidate (RC) build. Unlike our milestone releases these builds receive only limited testing, so they're not for the feint of heart. If you'd like to live on the bleeding edge, though, then these builds are for you....
on Jun 14, 2004