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I was recently asked, why would you ever need to sign a jar? What advantage does it give me? I would like to put this question to the community: have you seen a need beyond allowing your applications to run with Java WebStart, or perhaps within the confines of an Applet. Endorsing jars allow youto over-ride classes, and is something I have seen used in the Java Web Services Developer...
on Nov 8, 2005
Our friends at JavaLobby were very gracious in working with me to produce an excellent online presentation on how the best-of-class JDBC drivers is the only choice for anyone considering Java Object/Relational persistence mechanisms. This is an important consideration for anyone dipping their toes into the murky waters of O/R persistence development. At the conclusion of the presentation, I...
on Sep 28, 2005
Wondering where ODBC, ADO.NET Futures, XQuery and XQJ Futures and of course JDBC Futures are headed? DataDirect's Design Previews may just be the thing for you
on Aug 6, 2005
This will be my last JDBC blog on I am moving to a new position on the East Coast to head up Technology Evangalism for XQuery for Progress Software (PRGS). I am happy to report that JDBC 4.0 is excellent shape and it will be guided towards it's Early Draft Review and future JCP milestones by Lance Andersen and others in Sun. I'd like to thank everyone who has taken the trouble to read...
on Dec 17, 2004
As my time allows, I will be blogging on some of the proposals that we are particularily interested to get feedback to give those watching this JSR a snap-shot of our progress. So watch out for future blogs on JDBC Ease-of-Development, XML and SQL:2003 alignment, Connection management and other topics over the next few weeks. Until next time...
on Oct 24, 2004
Today the culmination of nearly 3 years of work bore fruit with the release of J2SE 5.0 GA, our production ready release of the next generation Java platform. Graham Hamilton announced the GA release in his blog early this morning. Readers of my blog have seen me talk about JDBC RowSet Implementations in my previous blog entries, so I won't delve into technical details here. The main...
on Oct 1, 2004