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James Lorenzen had an excellent blog post about the importance of a descriptive commit comment. I can't agree more. Unfortunately, I think getting better at leaving better commit messages take trial and error — the way I've learned it is by getting frustrated by the lack of commit messages. So in the spirit of encouraging everyone (including myself) to do a better job, I thought I'd list...
on Feb 25, 2010
ObjectWeb ASM is a great library that's used to parse Java class files. It's used in all kinds of projects, such as Hibernate, Corba, JAX-WS, Jersey, Spring, Hudson, to name a few. But I have a pet peeve to this otherwise great library, namely its insistence on small size (which by itself isn't a bad thing), and its consequences. One of the choices that made to achieve this was to omit the debug...
on Feb 12, 2010
Today I've digged deeper into one of the nastiest problems I ever encounted since I became a Java programmer. The problem was this — I have the Hudson slave agent program, which blocks on stdin for read almost all the time. This process uses other threads to perform other activities (what this thread does is actually driven by what it reads from stdin, but that's irrelevant to this bug...
on Sep 28, 2009
Yesterday, a Hudson committer Alan Harder discovered an EOFException in Hudson, which only happens on 64bit JVM on Solaris. This was happening in the part of Hudson (or more precisely, in a separate library called Akuma) where we look at the memory space of the process to figure out the command line arguments of the current process (the /proc/ID/as file — an equivalent of /proc/ID/mem in...
on Sep 17, 2009
One cannot call oneself a Java geek if you haven't done JVM crash dump analysis. I mean, a C programmer would laugh at you if you tell them you don't know how to look at the stack dump. Well, I just had the pleasure of doing an analysis, so I'll show you how to do it, in case you don't know how :-) — This is on Windows, BTW. Everything starts with the hs_err_pid*.log file that JVM...
on Feb 19, 2009
My previous entry about JMX got some real feedback from people that are working on JMX. In appreciation of that, I wrote a little utility in the hope of contributing back to JMX. One of the problems I had was the lack of "weak MBean" support ---- I didn't want the MBeanServer to hold a strong reference to my MBean, because that prevents those objects from GC-ed. Eamonn McManus suggested a...
on Dec 17, 2005