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A few weeks ago I published a quick roll-up of about 40 component libraries for Swing applications that we plan to include in the Swing Depot . That blog produced a nice bunch of feedback about libraries I'd failed to note and so I published a follow up blog with a dozen more. Since then I've been pointed at another 25, so I hope to update the list again before too long....
on Dec 3, 2004
Just in case you haven't been paying attention, I'd like to remind you about our purpose. The reason we toil at our keyboards creating the software that is the world wide web on the internet. The reason we march countless neuron armies towards certain slaughter at the hands of ephemeral monsters like XForms and javax.swing.text and CSS 2 revision 1. It's all about advertising. Your paycheck...
on Jul 20, 2004
Last night my sons and some of their friends were visiting and one of the boys took me aside, said he had a question. He's 15 years old, very bright, and growing up in a world that's somewhat different then the one I remember. There are some similarities. There's a war on although fortunately there's no need for a teenager to worry about being drafted. Cars and girls seem to hold the same...
on Nov 3, 2003