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[Update: changed wording per comments to fix error.] Dependency injection is pretty well established these days, with plenty of Inversion of Control containers available to manage your beans. I'm currently reading Java Concurrency in Practice by Brian Goetz et al, which got me thinking about the thread-safety of large object graphs managed by IoC containers. In most applications I've seen, the...
on Sep 21, 2006
During a panel discussion at the 1999 JavaOne conference Bill Joy, talking about the things he didn't like about Java, stated that he "didn't want char to be [a] numerical type". He was outvoted on this one, and as we know the Java char was blessed as a 16-bit numeric primitive type. I don't know whether Joy objected to it being in the numeric type hierarchy (so any char can be cast to an int...
on Mar 22, 2005
There was no fanfare, in fact it's not even linked to from the JDK 1.5 documentation, but the third edition of the Java Language Specification is available for "maintenance review". I only found it because I wondered if a new version of the JLS had been produced for 1.5, and went out looking for it. The changes are only "proposed" changes - it is odd that they didn't go final with the release of...
on Feb 28, 2005