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J2ME wireless toolkit 2.2 comes with the promise of a reference implementation of MMAPI 1.1. However, the actual version distributed with the toolkit is 1.0 and not 1.1. So where is the actual reference implementation (RI) of the Mobile Media API (MMAPI) 1.1? As far as I can see, there is no such implementation available publicly. Those in the know will point out that MMAPI 1.1 is only a...
on May 31, 2005
August highlights are available by clicking here. Submit your feedback and comments via the Comments link
on Sep 1, 2004
I've posted a July recap to my site. Please leave comments by clicking here.
on Sep 1, 2004
I promised monthly wireless recaps back in March, but shortly after that first post I changed jobs and have been falling short of that promise ever since. Here's the beginning of my attempt to make for up that shortcoming: I've posted an April-June recap to my site and July and August recaps are forthcoming. PS Please post any feedback or comments here.
on Sep 1, 2004
Sun is developing a J2ME certification to complement the other Java technology certifications. The exam is now in the "beta" phase, with Sun looking for candidates to take the exam and give feedback on the questions. The good news: It's free. The really good news: If you pass, you'll be certified! Learn more about the technologies covered by the exam by reading through the Certification...
on Feb 25, 2004
I receive quite a few questions related to my J2ME Archive and wireless development blogs. From time to time I'll select one that's particularly pertinent to highlight here. For this tip, Ellick Chan (working pervasive education and integrating mobile devices into Gaia) asked: How can I use GSM's SMS capabilitiy to deliver push notifications to MIDlets? The MIDP 2.0 spec allows you to push...
on Feb 18, 2004
For the past few weeks, I've been playing with MacSense's new HomePod device. The HomePod is a compact MP3 player with WiFi built-in, a scroll-wheel interface not unlike that of Apple's iPod, and peer-to-peer media streaming software developed by Gloo Labs. Unfortunately, the HomePod user interface does not work like the iPod. After playing with it for a few days, the differences between the...
on Jan 17, 2004
I've been working with MIDP 2.0 for the last couple of months. There is some incredibly exciting stuff going on in the mobile arena. Kathy's blog on MIDP 2.0 is just too much fun is right about that, but it's not just for the gaming folks. While I'm well aware of the fact that the gaming market is huge, it just doesn't float my boat. I'd rather see some cool applications that can integrate...
on Jan 15, 2004
I've spent the last few weeks playing with the Wireless Toolkit and MIDP 2.0. I've been in EJB-land for the last several years, so it's quite a shock going from big ol' gravel-hauling apps where it takes about a dozen objects to do Hello Bean, to these tiny little things where each object is precious. But man oh man is it ever fun! The MIDP 2.0 Game API is so easy to use. In about 15 minutes...
on Jan 14, 2004
Even though I've been evangelizing Java technology for nigh on five years now, I still get a great kick out of speaking at Sun Tech Days, JavaOne, and other conferences. Nonetheless, I'm always looking for ways to help developers use J2ME without me logging yet more hours eating bad food in coach over an ocean somewhere. Serendipity brought me a new airline avoidance technique recently:...
on Nov 25, 2003
Hey, I used to work in the wireless software industry... and of course, any sentence that begins with that phrase usually ends in "and we all got laid off". Which we did. But despite that experience, I still have a passing interest in J2ME, even though that the tools for it aren't available on Mac OS X. Earlier today on, Bill Day lamented that situation. Where Bill and I part ways, is...
on Jul 2, 2003