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The Beta version of Opera Mini 4 released today, and I gave it a test drive. First of all, let me say that I've always liked this Java ME mobile browser, mainly because it gave you full web pages at an amazing speed, so much so that the native browser on my smartphone has very rarely been taken out for a ride on the old WWW. Personally, I love the idea of a fast, nimble application for the masses...
on Jun 20, 2007
Unfortunately, I'm not kidding. When dealing with antagonistic parties, most recently in the Blu-ray arena, I noticed that their examples of bad Java applications almost always revolves around bad experiences with either Java desktop applications or applets. We all know why applets got such bad reputations, but there really is no good excuse for Swing and the like to continue to give a sour...
on Jun 6, 2007
There are only very few mass produced consumer products that can lay claim to being true works of art, and Disney's two new entries to the Blu-ray arena, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, may represent the best that high-definition discs today can offer, and as such can be said to have crossed the line into true art. The care...
on May 31, 2007
The current poll asks people what was the most important announcement from the JavaOne 2007 general sessions, and the runaway winner of the poll seems to be the hints that Sun intends to introduce a Fast-loading "Consumer JRE". Now, wouldn't it be funny if this is based on Java ME's CDC? As Sun's Hinkmond Wong notes, Java ME's CDC is: ....nicely slimmed down to about 4.6MB, well-...
on May 16, 2007
Before I lay me down to sleep, here are some of the top items I thought were discussed in the Java Entertainment sessions (Blu-ray's BD-J and OCAP/cable Java): OCAP development (developing Xlet apps for cable) is just as interesting as Blu-ray BD-J development, albeit perhaps less "glamorous", but probably more lucrative in the short-term. If you can develop BD-J apps, then it is but a...
on May 11, 2007
Your journey begins with the task of gently introducing your Java applications to the realities of the physical world, an area that normally exists beyond the confines of the limited and rather myopic worldview of the typical Java midlet. In this paradigm that is exemplified by the new Sun SPOTs, a midlet without a way to "feel the rain" on its skin, is like a gourmet diner who is finally...
on Apr 24, 2007
I could hear the crickets chirping, or at least the hum of the air conditioner fans as they strove to cool the bodies of several hundred enthusiastic and jumpy Java developers crammed into an auditorium of's New York City office. They were all here to listen to Rod Johnson talk about the Spring Framework, and I had just asked whether anyone knew about BD-Java after the host had...
on Apr 11, 2007
You'd think that after 10 years - an entire DECADE mind you - that Java developers would have a treasure trove of pre-built components that they could use to quickly cobble together their otherwise home-brewed apps. Alas, perhaps there are just tons of examples of this in the bigger world of Java SE and JEE, but at least in the world of small Java, trying to code some of the simplest...
on Jun 19, 2006
Why is it I have the feeling this Web 2.0 is just for the cool kids, and not for bookish nerds like me who wouldn't know how to strike the pose if my life depended on it? Granted, I cut my teeth on just plain HTML, when having attributes like align and valign on table tags was the height of coding wizardry, but I'm entitled to date the prom queen too, aren't I? Let me explain. Take that perennial...
on Jun 12, 2006