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It's common that you'll find somebody using XDoclet to help build their EJBs, but how often do you find people using it to help with the J2EE web tier? In his recent weblog, Dave says he is trying to convince his team that using XDoclet is the way to go for generating artefacts like tag library descriptors and the web.xml file. I must admit that while XDoclet is very useful when building EJBs, I...
on Oct 16, 2003
I've been looking at integrating Apache and Tomcat on my PowerBook so that my dev environment more closely matches the box hosting my domain. Although I really do like open source, one of the biggest problems for me is that I always seem to need software that I have to build from the original source. This is one of the reasons I bought a Mac. I have tried running some of the various Linux...
on Oct 13, 2003
As Simon Brown pointed out the J2EE specification restrict you to access files on the file system but sometimes you have to and then you need to control the damage by keeping the breach of the specification local and not to spread it all over your code. Being confronted with this question just recently I came up with these
on Oct 9, 2003
Blogging, the shameless method of displaying ones opinions on the net. It makes a person feel important, authoritative, as if the whole world is taking the time to read what they write. I don't like blogs. I fail to see them as much more than another time-leaching distraction on the web. Sure, sometimes you will find a gem or two, but overall it is just another quick information fix for us net...
on Oct 8, 2003
File access has always been a controversial activity within EJB-based applications because of the restrictions placed upon bean providers by the EJB specification. The part of the specification relevant here is under the section entitled Programming Restrictions, and it states the following about accessing the filing system. An enterprise bean must not use the package to attempt to...
on Oct 8, 2003
Matt is looking for a way to test tag libraries and rather than write a lengthy comment, I thought I'd follow it up here. In the first part of his post, Matt says, ... I've looked briefly at TagUnit, but aren't you just writing JSPs (with custom tags) to test JSPs? In answer to this question, yes, you're exactly rght in saying that you're just writing JSPs. This is the essence of TagUnit, and...
on Oct 7, 2003
While Matt was talking about the Tomcat Service Manager, coincidentally, I was trying to install Tomcat 4 as a service on a Windows 2000 machine yesterday. For various reasons, I didn't want to install Tomcat via the .exe and therefore had to hunt around for the command line that installs the NT service. For (my) future reference, here it is, split over several lines for readability. set...
on Sep 26, 2003
In the first posting in her new weblog, Anne Thomas Manes talks about the idea of porting Jakarta to Mono, the project to implement C# and the core of the CLI from .NET on Linux. She says: But from the moment Miguel initiated the Mono project, I
on Sep 14, 2003
I have a webserver. It's a small box sharing a friend's static DSL line with a few other boxes. It does the job pretty well, hosting the websites for my family members. When the blogging revolution hit I wrote some journaling software for myself. It was written in Perl originally, later switching to a servlet with XSLTs. This was great for me but not so great for my sister when she wanted a...
on Aug 11, 2003
Well ... it looks like our work on Professional JSP, 3rd Edition (previously titled Professional JSP 2.0, and now to be published by Apress) is almost at an end. It's currently slated for a September release and Amazon is now listing it, albeit with an incorrect authors list. I imagine that Sam, Dave, Matt and the other authors are looking forward to this being released as much as I am. If you...
on Aug 6, 2003
I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but hear me out just in case. I'm not speaking from the position of having already achieved guru status, but I think I've got a handle on the path to get there. Correct me if I'm wrong. Find some giants, and stand on their shoulders, to co-opt Isaac Newton's famous quote. I don't mean this as a way of keeping someone else down, but instead building...
on Jul 16, 2003
J2EE has placed a lot of emphasis on the middle tier -- so much so, that the development of J2EE clients has gone pretty much ignored. The J2EE patterns, that to a large extent deal with the interaction between the EJB clients and the EJB tier, provide only a stop gap solution. I guess that before getting much further into things I should explain what I mean when I use the term "EJB clients...
on Jul 8, 2003
FTPOnline has a report on the J2EE Roundtable held on Monday.
on Jun 12, 2003
(This is a long blog entry ... you have been warned.) Big conferences like JavaOne are always accompanied by the introduction of new books. This time's no exception. I stopped by the JDOCentral booth to visit my friend Patrick Linskey of SolarMetric, and he surprised me with a free copy of Bitter EJB, the new book he wrote with Bruce Tate, Mike Clark, and Bob Lee. I'm very pleased to have it,...
on Jun 10, 2003