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on Aug 16, 2005
I like rich applications. I love to develop rich applications. I foster rich applications development. And guess what? I find web development boring and damn annoying. Asides from being a student and an intern at Sun, I'm also a journalist from a french computing magazine. I spent the last 5 years learning, discovering and teaching dozens of technologies, and there were a lot web oriented ones...
on Aug 10, 2005
Unlike jaxb 1.x architecture jaxb 2.x uses metadata and can be quite seamless in working with java and xml. Hopefully the following references are quite useful to you to get to know jaxb 2.x and start working with it. 1. Jaxb 2.0 tutorial at Aspire Knowledge Central 2. Details of the presentation at OSCON 2005
on Aug 2, 2005
The J2SE platform has come a long way in internationalization. Some things are just entering your name in a Swing text field regardless of whether your name is John, Jos
on Jul 27, 2005
In order to help people get a jump start on using the lastest web features in GlassFish, I posted a web archive and instructions for deploying and running the examples. The web archive contains simple examples that use the latest features in the Servlet 2.4 specification which is part of Java EE 5. Use these examples as a starting point to learn about the new features in Java EE 5 and...
on Jul 26, 2005
My previous article on web frameworks and the impact of Ajax got a lot of interesting comments. In no particular order, here are some of the general themes... - An abstraction for Ajax/JavaScript would be very, very helpful. I got several emails supporting this general view as well, not just the posts. Between HTML, JavaScript, CSS, the profusion of browsers, not to mention multi-language...
on Jul 20, 2005
I recently had a very sincere person, who I have every reason to respect, tell me: "I thought about downloading your code, but I don't want to be tainted." He further went on to say "If you had a statement about that on your website, I'd feel better about it." Frankly, I was a bit taken aback. Weren't we Open Source? Was this the leading edge of another Sun Evil Plot (tm)? I was right next...
on Jul 19, 2005
As you know, we've open sourced Sun's AS PE (as Project GlassFish). Recently, some people have taken us to task on not doing the rest of it too. Leaving aside the "geez, are we ever going to not get flack" factor, I thought I'd post this... In a recent article in Developer Pipeline, my boss got asked about opening the rest of it: CRN: Will all editions of the application server be available...
on Jul 15, 2005
In Got Servlets?, Greg is asking what we'd like to see in the next major revision of the Java Servlets specification. In no particular order, here are my initial thoughts. Programmatic access to the security realm : There are more and more sites out there that offer users a way to sign up for their services and this is fairly tricky to do with the standard, declarative J2EE security model. If...
on Jul 14, 2005
In my last blog's comments, I had a couple of people raise the issue of joint copyright assignment. The subject was raised with the greatest respect and concern, and I'd like to thank the posters for giving me a chance to talk about it. There continues to be a lingering uneasiness about Sun's new foray into Open Source, so I'll probably be blogging on this and related subjects for the next few...
on Jul 14, 2005
J2EE Architecture, a new book published by Tata McGraw-Hill and released at JavaOne two weeks ago, was an immediate hit and ranked as one of the top sellers at the JavaOne book store. Not a surprise. The foreword by James Gosling and Jeff Jackson hails it as being a comprehensive and well-organized volume that appeals to the academia and industry alike. The three authors, all from Infosys, not...
on Jul 13, 2005
In a recent article, both Marc Fleury of JBoss and Bill Roth of BEA are said to be telling the press that CDDL isn't Open Source. Drat, apparently neither of them read my blog. So, one more time: CDDL is Open Source. Why can I say that with absolute confidence? Because Open Source is an servicemark that is owned by the OSI. They're essentially the Good Housekeeping Seal for licenses. BEA,...
on Jul 12, 2005
I remember when I first started doing Java development, and the first time I saw a servlet in action - I thought it was awfully cool that the HTTP protocols were so seamlessly wrapped up. Wow. A lot of folks noticed that writing HTML by hand in servlets was pretty nasty, and so the idea of "flipping the code" was born. Instead of writing nasty HTML in Java code, we would write nasty bits of...
on Jul 11, 2005
After the magical dust of JavaOne has settled the reality is reappearing and we can start thinking about the results. Especially Sun's announcement (beside buying my current employer) of open-sourcing their application server was a hot topic here even though I did not quite trust all the fuss around it. Now over the long weekend I had time to figure out what happened and the result, quite...
on Jul 5, 2005
Well.. It's the last day at JavaOne 2005. I attended some good web-tier sessions, and yes, I admit it - I too was caught up in the AJAX hype. The web-tier sessions in general, get good attendance, but, sprinkle a little AJAX in there, and you have electricity in the air! Javascript has been around forever, and folks have been adding interactivity (DHTML..) to their web pages for years. But I...
on Jun 30, 2005
GlassFish has it's first external commitor, Jacob Hookom! Wait, how is that possible? It's only been a couple of weeks. Well, although GlassFish has been available on for only a few weeks, Jacob has worked with the JSF and webtier teams for over a year where he as contributed ideas and code to both projects. Jacob originally got involved with the JSF-RI when he wrote a JSF specific...
on Jun 22, 2005
This blog has moved here var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-3111670-3"); pageTracker._initData(); pageTracker._trackPageview();
on Jun 16, 2005
J2EE for nothing and Solaris for free.
on Jun 14, 2005
Features included in the JDBC 4.0 EDR are: Ease of Development features intended to assist in reducing the coding burden and maintenance responsibilities of the developer Automatic loading of java.sql.Driver implementations SQL2003 XML data type Support ROWID data type Support National Character Set Conversion Support Enhanced Blob and Clob support SQLException enhancements including J2SE...
on Jun 10, 2005
The GlassFish Project is a gathering place for developers who wish to participate in the community development of the latest version of the Java
on Jun 9, 2005