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Background Apart from showing quite an example of easy enhancement of JSF-based web application as discussed earlier in "Extending the NetBeans Tutorial JSF-JPA-Hibernate Application, Part 1 - Co-ordinating Query Views Based on Parameter Passing from JSF View to Managed Bean", the NetBeans tutorial JSF-JPA-Hibernate application created ('SimpleJpaHibernateApp') can also be easily...
on Jun 27, 2007
I have taught Java and web-tier (Servlets/JSP/taglibs) development to about 10 classes over the last 3 years. And everytime I teach servlet attributes, I face the same situation: first I explain what request attributes are, why they are useful, and which methods you use to manipulate them. Then, when I teach session, I have to explain that it has a similar concept, with the exact same methods....
on Jun 25, 2007
A lively discussion happened on GlassFish Forums where a user asked for pros/cons for GlassFish vs JBoss. A community user explained his reasons to choose GlassFish over JBoss. Here are they key points: Admin GUI and CLI alone are true differentiators. Java EE5 with EJB3 is much better to work with and GlassFish is JavaEE5 compatible, of course it's the Reference Implementation as well....
on Jun 25, 2007
Bonjour, comment Java? Today is feature freeze date for NetBeans 6.0 Milestone 10, and here are a few of the new features rolling in from the GlassFish's perspective: GlassFish V1 and V2 support (download the server from ) new Sun specific deployment descriptors files GUI editors Finally Java EE Application (EAR) exploded directory...
on Jun 15, 2007
To try GlassFish Update Center, install GlassFish V2 (screencast). Then go to install-root/glassfish/updatecenter/bin and invoke updatetool (or updatetool.bat). You'll see a list of addon modules available for installation. But what's an addon and how do you create one? An addon is a companion product or runtime component installed on top of Sun Java System Application Server. Right, but...
on Jun 15, 2007
Untitled Document I created a simple Java Persistence API application using Toplink Essentials which runs like a champ from NetBeans and from the command line. So I figure, great, I will spice up the example a little more and use Java Web Start (yes I am a rookie to Java Web Start, so be gentle!) and I whip up a simple jnlp file JPAWebStart.bad.jnlp: <?xml version="1.0...
on Jun 15, 2007
Two more days remaining and you could be the lucky winner of this 52" LCD HD TV. Here is what you need to do: Download and install Java EE 5 SDK Update3 Preview or GlassFish v2 Try it's new and exciting features Blog about it and provide a link to your blog. There are lots of cool and exciting features (Clustering, Load Balancing, Web Services...
on Jun 13, 2007
Background The NetBeans tutorial "Using Hibernate With the Java Persistence API" nicely demonstrates, by using the NetBeans IDE, easy construction of : Java Persistence API (JPA) entity classes from given database schema (using NetBeans IDE bundled 'sample' database) JavaServer Faces (JSF) CRUD application (on the 'sample' database) using JPA and entity classes generated above The...
on Jun 13, 2007
A recent article from Sun provides you the history, the current state and future direction of GlassFish. Hopefully, you'll find answers to the following questions: What is GlassFish ? How it has evolved ? Is GlassFish just a reference implementation ? Can it be used in production ? Isn't it just a Sun project ? Can I buy support for GlassFish ? What kind of Performance can I expect...
on Jun 12, 2007
Bonjour, Comment Java? Every time I start the Eclipse IDE, I'm always pleased with the welcome screen: Did you notice that the only company name mentioned is "Sun Microsystems"? Sweet!. Also, if you've have been using the previous Eclipse versions (3.0), you would have noticed that the Sun light is becoming much bigger:) So I finally got my hands on a release candidate set of zip files to...
on May 30, 2007
My colleagues Paul Cheung, Luis-Miguel Alventosa and myself together developed, and presented for, this year's JavaOne Hands-On Lab (HOL) 1420 on "Non-instrusive Monitoring and Troubleshooting of Java Applications using Java Management Extension (JMX), JConsole and Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP)" at Moscone Center, San Francisco. This lab session consists of two main parts :...
on May 19, 2007
JavaChina2005 was a Java developer conference organised by Sun Microsystems in 9 major cities throughout China with total of more than 9,000 attendee registrations. I am glad to one of JavaChina2005 technical session speakers on :   "Upgrading and Migrating pre-J2EE-1.4 Applications to J2EE-1.4" "Monitoring J2EE 1.4 Applications" I was also one of the technical session...
on May 18, 2007
Welcome to Max Poon's blog - on JavaEE application development, deployment, monitoring and management, and other topics. Hope you'll find items here informative and useful.
on May 18, 2007
Redelivery with WSMQ 6.0 Using Message redelivery in Generic JMS RA with WebSphere MQ 6.0 Reliable redelivery feature has been available since  generic ra 1.7. During message redeliveries, a new transaction is started by the container every time the MDB endpoint is invoked. Redelivery stratergies are implemented based on how this transaction is handled by the RA and when the state...
on May 14, 2007
Bonjour, comment Java(One)? Nasa World Wind Java and Phobos? Nasa World Wind is breath taking...I was in the JavaOne's speaker room with Ken Russell, and the question I asked him is: "Can I replace the Earth with Phobos?, one of the  Mars's two moons (aka as project Phobos for server side JavaScript...). The aswer is YES...Cool, I have to start working on it asap...
on May 10, 2007
Get up and running fast with JavaServer Faces fast JSF Jumpstart is a practical introduction to writing a dynamic web site using Java Server Faces. Java Server Faces is a relatively new Java technology which is now gaining maturity and which enjoys strong industry backing and a fast-growing user community. Using a flexible, component-based approach, Java Server Faces aims at making web...
on May 3, 2007
Bonjour, comment Java? Why do you think I am upgrading my parallels Ubuntu system on my powebook? Answer: GlassFish, NetBeans, JavaDB and the JDK are included in the multiverse component of Ubuntu version 7.04, shipping today. Enjoy, Ludo
on Apr 19, 2007
OpenSearch is a nice specification and Firefox 2.0 has a support for it. GlassFish is an open source project I work on. I wrote a simple GlassFish Issue Tracker Search Plugin for Firefox. Get it here . Enjoy :)
on Apr 19, 2007
on Apr 18, 2007
Bonjour, comment Java? Ok, you are now done with your taxes and you are looking for something cool to do in the valley tomorrow evening. Join us for a free GlassFish, Java EE 5, NetBeans, Ajax jMaki, GlassFish V3 presentation for the Silicon Valley Web Java User Group and Silicon Valley Java User Group.  The presentation will be done by some of the key engineers developing these...
on Apr 16, 2007