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I have taught Java and web-tier (Servlets/JSP/taglibs) development to about 10 classes over the last 3 years. And everytime I teach servlet attributes, I face the same situation: first I explain what request attributes are, why they are useful, and which methods you use to manipulate them. Then, when I teach session, I have to explain that it has a similar concept, with the exact same methods....
on Jun 25, 2007
A couple of months ago, I had to implement a custom LoginModule to be used by a J2EE application running primarily on JBoss 3.0.8 (bundled with Tomcat 4.1.24). While developing it, I had to restart JBoss on every new progress, in order to test the changes. As my desktop was just a poor Pentium III with 512MB, running all sort of geek stuff (mozilla, emacs, eclipse, many shells, gaim, openoffice...
on Oct 27, 2004
The JCP committee approved the final specification for JSR 127. In other words, the long awaited JSF (JavaServer Faces) has finally left its specification stage. There is a lot of expectation about JSF and the problems it will solve (or create). Some people are excited with the technology, others are worried it would compete with frameworks like Struts, while other are just skeptical if its...
on Mar 3, 2004
Jakarta Standard Taglib is the Reference Implementation (RI) for the JSTL specification (JSR 52). JSTL 1.1 reached it's final specification a couple of months ago (as I reported here), so now it's time for an official RI release. Most of the JSTL 1.1 work has been done prior to 1.1.0-beta1 - this release just fixed a couple of bugs. So, the previous release was stable, but it couldn't be...
on Jan 30, 2004