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My previous article on web frameworks and the impact of Ajax got a lot of interesting comments. In no particular order, here are some of the general themes... - An abstraction for Ajax/JavaScript would be very, very helpful. I got several emails supporting this general view as well, not just the posts. Between HTML, JavaScript, CSS, the profusion of browsers, not to mention multi-language...
on Jul 20, 2005
I remember when I first started doing Java development, and the first time I saw a servlet in action - I thought it was awfully cool that the HTTP protocols were so seamlessly wrapped up. Wow. A lot of folks noticed that writing HTML by hand in servlets was pretty nasty, and so the idea of "flipping the code" was born. Instead of writing nasty HTML in Java code, we would write nasty bits of...
on Jul 11, 2005
I'd like to preface this entry with a brief comment: do NOT schedule your out-of-state move the same week as JavaOne. More on that in a moment. I managed to hit (and tremendously enjoy) the first few days of JavaOne this year. Here were the key walk-aways for me: 1. JSF is clearly the future for Java-based web UI development. The model is much richer and coherent that most of the other frameworks...
on Jul 7, 2004
More fun today with JSF, including some discussion of integration with the new POJO persistence systems, and some musings on web services. JSF & JDO I’ve had a chance to play around a bit with Creator, and it looks like plain old Java objects (or POJO) will play nicely. One nice thing about JSF – it knows about collections, which means that Creator can work with them easily as well...
on Jun 29, 2004
So, I started playing around with a tool called Fujaba (a reasonable free Java/UML modeling tool). I needed something that would export UML class diagrams as vector graphics, and Fujaba seems to work fine (hint: increase the memory allocation from 128MB to something more reasonable, like 512MB). Unfortunately, the only vector format that Fujaba supports is SVG. I'd like to have an EPS instead...
on Feb 4, 2004